Sunday Photo Round-up

Lots of walks this week, therefore lots of photos. Playing last few days with Flickr & GIMP and haven’t really posted anything but photos for the Daily Prompts.

So, with no further adieu I little slideshow of photos “in the raw” from the week. As you’ll notice we went from late fall to winter within a matter of days. It was a lot of fun playing with black & white again, but with the color isolation on the Canon it adds another dimension.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Round-up

  1. Ahhh, so serene. I should be listening to a beautiful piece of music as I view these photos! :-)


      1. ;) that’s why I added the video to the Ceilidh post. I’d heard that guy, John Doyle, the night before on a live concert on CBC radio…it kind of inspired the post really. AND you do have me thinking about maybe taken your suggestion on this one. What do you all think? Give me some ideas…..


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