Bless his “picker” heart

Some perhaps may be unfamiliar with “picker” as a noun rather than a verb. What is a “picker” you ask? Well, this is an individual who will go to any lengths to seek old stuff that others would consider junk. OH NO…to a “picker” (or “salvager” I believe in the UK) … these “things” are gems. Diamonds in the rough. “Picker Gold”. The whole REUSE, RECYCLE or RESTORE movement is finally becoming very trendy.

So Tim and I first came upon this term 1 1/2 years ago when we got the satellite finally hooked back up. One of the first programs we found was “Canadian Pickers“. THEN we found there was an “American Picker”. It was like a HALLELUJAH for Tim…..that there were others like him out there, AND, they had shows on to help them hone their craft. Geesh. ;-)

Just this last spring when all four of us (Tim & I and Jess & the new hubby) were heading to their reception, well wasn’t there an OAK table sitting at the side of the road with a sign reading “FREE” taped to the front.

SCREeecCHhh….went the tires and back we went. This house is a “picker” dream. Every so often they have stuff at the side of the road with a “FREE” sign. I have often wondered if it would have been simpler for us to have just given them our number the first time when they had the phonograph cabinet out at the side of the road.

Truth is I didn’t encourage this activity because WE LIVE IN A 900 SQ FT COTTAGE. The two small sheds on the property are full (well, to me they are but to a “picker” if you can still walk around inside there is “LOTS of room”). There is a very fine line between “picker” and “hoarder”. I felt it my responsibility to keep kicking him back towards “picker”….or else who knows what other lawn ornaments I may have had.

You see for a “picker” that fact is completely irrelevant. “But babe, look, it’s an OAK table”. That is how we got the slipper boat that now sits on the front lawn. “That’s nice, I can see that, but were is it going? Are we going to sleep on it?”. AHA, I thought I had him there. Nope. Did you know tables come apart really rather easily? I didn’t unfortunately or I might have tried another angle.

So, guess what I did yesterday? Once I had the spare room cleaned out enough I could see the futon, I was finally able to piece by piece carry the various parts of that stupid table out of the spare room. Then once the futon frame was folded up I could drag the stupid pieces BACK into the spare room….swearing at Tim the whole time, I might add. Its blawdy awkward trying to move a solid oak half-moon frame with two legs attached through doorways all by yourself. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it. Sell it? Fix it up and use it? Maybe. I am fixing up the old Medicine Cabinet he found when we were at Thameswood. Yes, even along the banks of the Thames in the area underneath the Old Vic he managed to find something. I’m going to clean it up, oil it and use it as a spice/tea cabinet in my new place (wherever that might be).

Garage sale-ing is a form of “picking”. This is much easier for the picker since the owner of the junk has already organized everything ahead of time for them. Yet, don’t think that stops a “picker” from asking if they have MORE junk items elsewhere. Believe you me, there was a time when Tim would climb through barns like a monkey if that’s what it took. I will say we got some fantastic stuff over the years.

At least one thing I know, I am going to have some very unique pieces to furnish my new abode.  :)

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