The Best Of ¦ part 3 in three parts

So for part three of this best of series I chose this one I suppose because of its truth and healing. This series took me back to one of the most difficult times, at the close of the 20th century. Posted originally January 2nd, 2013, was another time of great change. I guess I am proudest of these posts. After the Helium posts I carried … Continue reading The Best Of ¦ part 3 in three parts

What I Learnt From Charlie & Lucy

Whiling away the time outside, before this big storm comes in tonight, reading my ebook, enjoying my little secret space in-between. I had earlier in the week been drowsing through some prize winning novelist us intellectual sorts are suppose to fancy, and not feeling the love, so I went hunting for something alittle different, and I found it. Yet my after work eyes that stare … Continue reading What I Learnt From Charlie & Lucy

A Stuffed Beaver

The Composted Writer

Sometimes just after I hit that PUBLISH button on a post, I am struck by this feeling of “I’ve written this before”. Before? I haven’t; I realize that it’s because some of these stories I wrote in my head…years ago in some cases. And there they have remained. Oh, perhaps residence of Middle-earth or Oz, or maybe Never Never Land have read my work, but … Continue reading The Composted Writer

Goober & I

As I’ve mentioned, or maybe not, our family has always had dogs. One of my favourites, maybe THE fav, was Goober. He was a Weimaraner. Not a champion example of the breed; he was a bit too gangly, bit too sway in the back, ears too big, just not top in his breed. But to me Goober was beautiful. He was a graceful, elegant soul. … Continue reading Goober & I