Leaving Day

I know grief, its pit in the stomach, its hollow insides, its anxiety, its tears, its unexpectedness, and that’s how I know that this feeling is grief. I know it’s inability to eat cause of the sick feeling in your stomach, the drifting mindless from room to room, documentary to movie to Hallmark crap Movie on YouTube, lost in a fog. I know it’s out-of-place … Continue reading Leaving Day


The Best Of ¦ part 3 in three parts

So for part three of this best of series I chose this one I suppose because of its truth and healing. This series took me back to one of the most difficult times, at the close of the 20th century. Posted originally January 2nd, 2013, was another time of great change. I guess I am proudest of these posts. After the Helium posts I carried … Continue reading The Best Of ¦ part 3 in three parts

Sisters in the 70's - gold and green plaid sofa - thetemenosjournal.com

My Sister and I

We are different, my sister and I, but we’ve grown together over the years. It’s funny how time, space, and shared loss, and at one point or another, you find she has become essential. No longer the annoying hunk of flesh that your Mom’s loins disappointingly gave forth, but the voice on the end of the phone who knows all the essential details of your stories. … Continue reading My Sister and I

Lost in Helium Spheres | Conclusion

When Paul had his first breakdown it started to crumble an already weakened foundation, and in time the four became three, then just two, and today our worlds are completely separate. There was a time though when that was not so. There was a time when the circle was complete and all four musketeers were harmonizing to The Nylons or dancing the Tango in shadow … Continue reading Lost in Helium Spheres | Conclusion

Lost in Helium Spheres | Part Three

I realize as I am wandering through these pages that there are today threads entangled still within my present. As much as I let go of so much already, there are still a few small unhealed wounds … and they started around this time. Paul had become an important part of my life for almost 6 years, over half of my marriage. The flowing strains … Continue reading Lost in Helium Spheres | Part Three

Lost in Helium Spheres | Part Two

“Pathologizing psyche is not wrong…and to realize deeply that it is not wrong, but rather necessary, is healing”  James Hillman IN DAYS SPENT I found myself cascading off mountains, plummeting down towards anger, uplifting my eyes to guilt, surrendering to helpless stagnation.Looking into the eyes of maniacal loss. A sweeping denial; dulled vision. Possible continuation swaying in the breeze. Doors of life and death are … Continue reading Lost in Helium Spheres | Part Two

Lost in Helium Spheres | Part One

And from where I stand… A fraction of time spent in innocence, we spend in wonder of ourselves. In beliefs instilled to haunt us, we break at the bonds that hold us. From distant lands of imagination, the world spins by unnoticed, until the spiral tightens, and we are faced with our own creation. From there we see the future and know the absence and … Continue reading Lost in Helium Spheres | Part One

A cottage, a bonfire & guitars = Céilidh

There are rare times in our life when the planets align, the right people are gathered, and MAGIC happens. True magic. The sort of moments that become cherished memories. Those rare times when you are FULLY aware and can thus revel in the moments, imprinting them on your soul for ever more. There are times when you truly are thankful to be alive, to be … Continue reading A cottage, a bonfire & guitars = Céilidh