A cottage, a bonfire & guitars = Céilidh

There are rare times in our life when the planets align, the right people are gathered, and MAGIC happens. True magic. The sort of moments that become cherished memories. Those rare times when you are FULLY aware and can thus revel in the moments, imprinting them on your soul for ever more.

Bonfire, Guitars & Lake

There are times when you truly are thankful to be alive, to be present and honoured to be part of something larger than your self.

It was simple, it wasn’t fancy. Most people didn’t even bother to wear shoes. It was a hot summer night, July 1st this last Canada Day. It had all the Gaelic “craic” or, the “ceoil agus craic,” (music and fun) a soul could want. Singing round the fire, at the top of your lungs, dancing like nobody’s watching and for a small handful of us, it had a wee bit of the bitter-sweetness about it. But still, it just felt good to be alive. To be blessed with such beauty, great people and laughter.

Canadian and Irish Flags

I’d like to say “we didn’t know it then but”; because that would be a lie. We did know. We knew it was very possibly Tim’s last. Last birthday — last Canada Day, I didn’t know it would be his last celebration. We knew something was up. He was not getting better; he was worse. The Doctors hadn’t said anything; but maybe it broke their hearts too. I know Doctors have hearts. Really, what can a few weeks more of obliviousness hurt? Three weeks later, July 26th to be exact, they told us his cancer had returned and that there was nothing more they could do. Tim was done with fighting.


Tim and I discussed the realities the day before when he turned to me and said “I think this may be my last birthday”. So we talked about it. It was hard, but I was glad atleast he was aware of the reality.

However, the next day was July 1st and we grabbed on to life and we held on for all we were worth and MAN….IT WAS GOOoooodODDD. WootWoot….let DEATH come another day. THIS DAY, THESE moments, they were for us the living – that was how Tim and I felt, and our friends that were there. Yet for the 6 Aussie’s renting next door, it was just fun at a place called Irish Lake with some Crazy Canucks. Maybe that too added an element to the magic and energy of the night. It was like a “wanna know how CANADIANS celebrate?” ;-) EH!

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6 thoughts on “A cottage, a bonfire & guitars = Céilidh

  1. Thank you, Paula for this reminder to celebrate life TODAY.
    By the way, imho Aussies always make add magic and energy to a celebration. Hugs, Kozo


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