Exercise for Coffee Addicts

This posts inspiration credit goes to Rarasaur; |V| may she “Live Long & Prosper”.

I have never been one to put on a little outfit and run off to the Gym to sweat with strangers. I’m more of a yoga at home, bloggercize kinda gal. I like to take long 2-3 hr walks, hike, bike ride etc….but working out for the sake of working out just doesn’t appeal. However, since my acquisition of the Keurig Coffee Maker I have developed incredible upper body muscles, my abs are becoming 6 packer-ish, and the ol’tushy is tightening up.

So, by popular request (aka Rarasaur) here is my secret. I call them Keurig Counter Push-ups.

1. First off you want to be standing approx 3ft or so away from the counter, with your feet spaced shoulder width apart.

2. Next I reach up above my head (keeping feet planted) and reach up as high as you can go without lifting your heels off the floor. Hold for count of 5

3. Next step is with your hands still above your head bend forward until you are at a 45 angle and your hands are on the counter (this is where you may have to slightly adjust where your feet are if it feels too far away).

4. From your 45 angle lift your head up and raise up on your tip toes and move toward the counter until you are in a classic push-up stance, but instead use the counter as a hold. (Again, you may need to adjust where your feet are. As you do it more you’ll probably find a “mark” that gives you your distance from the counter so when you start you don’t have to shuffle around so much).

Now at this point I do the push-ups 2 different ways.

To obtain the maximum benefit of any push-up, ensure that you are holding your tummy in and tighten your butt muscles.

REGULAR PUSH-UP: Bend arms and go down towards counter – straighten arms moving away from counter — I can do 15 reps before the keurig is done pouring.

PILATE STYLE PUSH-UP: Now this way the motion is the same, nothing changes. What does change is both your breathing and the speed. I slow down and breath in through my diaphragm as they teach for approx 5-7 counts as I’m doing the initial push-up, then breath out as you go down again towards the counter, making sure to breath out so that you are ready to breath in again once you reach the counter. These I can do about 5 in the time it takes my Keurig to brew a cup.

So there you have it — The KEURIG Counter Push-Up. Easy and a fantastic way to stay in shape, plus helping to stretch out those hunched over blogger shoulders & back.

Speaking of which, I do believe it is time for another. Happy Blogging. And remember to go visit Rarasaur for “health tips for caffeine-n-technology addicts”.

COMING SOON  **** AB Exercises for Couch Potatoes ****

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