88 Drafts And Counting: When A Succubus Comes Out To Play

From 2013, written the summer after Tim died and I had moved back home, to Dodge. Dodge as in get outa?  Tis the way ol’Dodgers, such as myself, refer to our beloved village. As for the getting out part, most do, some don’t, others won’t. This has sat in my drafts all this time, it is about a night, a person who shall remain nameless, … Continue reading 88 Drafts And Counting: When A Succubus Comes Out To Play

Notes from a recovering news junkie

There was a time when I could wile away many an hour in idle, digital, chitchatter.  For close to 15 years I hunted out like-minded souls who craved the need to express their not so humble opinion about everything from local newsworthy tidbits, to environmental or international concerns. Thing is, I am a news addict. Every morning I open Facebook, not to play Candy Crush, … Continue reading Notes from a recovering news junkie

Ze Mutt

At some point I just knew. She showed up at our door that wintery January 1st eve 2010, and my life has not been the same ever since. Irish is an answered prayer. Like so many dogs, one minute she can look old and wise, and the next just a puppy, and stupid. She always, always greets with exuberance – EVERYONE {whether I agree or … Continue reading Ze Mutt

Ultimatums and Death

I’m not one to set down some concrete statement that defines my actions. Therefore, ultimatums are not often part of my “Modus Operandi“.  I recognize the futility in these ultimate statements of intent. However, there are always exceptions, as my teeter-totter mindset is abundant with dichotomy. More than once I have succumbed to the attractive ideal of the ULTIMATUM. Often, I can faintly hear the snickering of the … Continue reading Ultimatums and Death