Oh Ye (me) Of Little Faith (Revisited)

One would think by now, I would know better, however you'd be wrong to think that. For once again, I guess I just didn't believe.

I DO believe. Believe in some sort of divine presence (call it GOD if you need to). An essence of a being, or something, that subtly connects all things. I grew up Christian, Anglican to be exact. But my ancestors were Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, and a host of other variations on that theme. Well, unless you count that tinsy bit of Native, Cherokee I guess.

I am more spiritual though than I am religious. I study and follow ALL aspects of anything related to Biblical Times, as well as the 4000-6000 years before. There is a whole trail of wonderful stories that flow out of the land between the Tigris and Euphrates, and that entire region is interwoven and have borrowed from one another’s legends and myths, all back through time. Where one ends, another begins and retells the legend as a piece of their own. Yet in a real sense it probably is.

Humans have done this dance, for thousands of years. We weave, and wind our way back through time, all Peoples like a braid. To think we don’t share ancient ancestors would be ludicrous, for way back in the myths of time, we were one people.

We forget that. Humans are rather good at forgetting I suppose.

Like me. Going and forgetting to have a little faith in people. I got my Camera back (see Sometimes). The cabbie came through. Called me @ 11pm, mind, which means I didn’t actually get back to sleep till like 12:30am or so; had to be up the next day at 6am. AND…god help me…I desire my 7-8 hours a night. It defines my mood, my tolerance, and my mental strength. SLEEP is essential.

SO…but really, I got my Camera back. Good grief, what an ordeal too. Sister o’mine all paranoid about having him drop it off here at my place…and I’m like…

HE’S a CAB driver, he knows where I live


So today, I went back out to the same place I went that day before I lost the camera. I’d gone down to the area by the river I’ve always loved. All along the banks it’s quiet, not a soul around, ‘cept the birds. That day I had stood and become enchanted by this wonderful song of this mysterious bird, somewhere way up in the trees.

So, here are some of the highlights from that day, and today.

One thought on “Oh Ye (me) Of Little Faith (Revisited)

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