Two Sisters

Of Two Sisters

My sister and I are as different as night to day. She is 5 years younger than me, and the story goes that apparently Mom after sex had to stand on her head in order to get pregnant. I came too quickly, and Lex they had to perform a circus act to prompt out. And today nothing has changed.

She still resides in the small town we grew up in, whereas I have gone off to see some of the world. Whereas she you would have to tranquillize to even get ON a plane, I have travelled to the other side of the earth and back again. She guards the hearth, whilst I bring back bits and pieces of the world to share with her girls.

Our Mom was an only child, and she was always trying to convince us how lucky we were to have each other…and that one day she hoped we’d appreciate each other. Now that day has arrived, and god sometimes how unfair it is she can’t be here to see these two little Grandchildren of hers struggle with THEIR sisterhood.

We shake our heads, the two of us, and I suppose wonder how we’re ever going to convince them. Or will they naturally see eye to eye one day and form a close bond? Maybe these days of combat prepare them? Maybe these are the times where they learn each others strengths, loves and what weakens them.

My sister and I, in some respects I am the away daughter, and she the homebody. Yet, it isn’t always that way. My sister is a social butterfly, I’m the mushroom in the dark corner. Really. As soon as her feet would hit the back step after High School, that telephone would start to ring and not be free until 9PM, when she was ordered to inform her friends the voice on the phone after that time would not be a friendly one. Whereas I on the other hand really don’t like the dang contraption, and have a very small group of friends, of whose numbers often dwindle down to nada.

Although we are both introverts…just each in a slightly different way. As I’ve read more recently about introverts, I recognize how wide the range of introverts there are, and how dynamic it is to have that natural dichotomy. In order to form dynamic communities, and foster strong relationships, we must have those who prefer the background, and can often form natural partnerships with strong extroverts.

Over time I suppose sisters learn how to play into the others strengths, or weakness. One leads, while the other follows, and vice versa.

I’ve also learned over time there are somethings I can ONLY tell my sister. Like when I came home last night, and Irish greets me, but off in the kitchen I hear this southern female voice call my name, URGENTLY. It was the voice of my GrandmaN, and dang’nammit that woman scared the crackers out of me. Of course I had to tell my sister, get her reading on that. We both share a smidge of that 3rd eye, and one of the relatives we get it from was her. The other portion from our OTHER Grandma’s family.

Now, the more RATIONAL side of me says that it could just as easily be the cold night air strangely cutting off Irish’s whine at her jubilant door greeting, that just SOUNDED like my late GrandmaN’s voice. Could be. GrandmaD and all that side, where a much more rational lot, and did not delve too far into all that “hoogey-moogey” nonesense.

Either true, I’ve decided none the less to be more cautious. In my endeavors, and with my security and health. Maybe it was nothing, maybe it was something. Who knows.

Not to dilly-dally, but still, there just are some things you can ONLY tell your sibling. And they will judge you, but you sometimes need to hear that judgement, because they know all sides of you. Those long ago battles, maybe serve a higher purpose. As for those nieces, as long as their judgement is tempered with occasional kindness, and a good example, than I suppose the wee buggers will be fine.

“Of two sisters, one is always the watcher, one the dancer.” Louise Gluck

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