Why I Don’t Listen to the Radio Anymore

Sometimes I want nothing but the scene out my window, and my own thoughts. I can’t listen to the radio, as I can’t predict what they may play, and there are just some songs I would rather not hear. I savour the dark outside that bus window on my ride home at night, and the opaque glow of billboards, and streetlights.

Out the dirty bus window
Out the dirty bus window

I get restless, and get in hurry up mode, and I see its my rhythm has been off. I’m not sure how to describe what I mean by that, but its musical in nature. It’s about how quickly you can seem to be going, and rushing ahead, and racing along in life. I see that there is no need to be in this sense of urgency. You miss so many wonderful things when you rush, or allow yourself to be rushed.

I don’t WANT to rush… goodness… I want much more of this thing called LIFE. It’s how I know I’m OK, as how much of LIFE I still desire. I say, slow dddooooowwwwnn.

However, happiness is just one of those sorts of things that just doesn’t stay with you at a constant rate. It drifts in and out at random moments, and sometimes you are stunned to realize you are suddenly caught towards the end of a SPURT of it, and then POOF… it’s gone.

Waiting for the bus
Waiting for the bus

So as a pedestrian, an appropriate accompaniment is essential to ones journey back and forth to work. I spend my entire day it seems talking and being friendly, I really have often very little desire to discourse with anyone before or after work. OR, maybe its more correct to say, it is a select list whom I care to chat with outside of workin’ hours.

Perhaps its one of life’s missions, to learn how to ride those rare spurts of happiness. I can just picture all these baby boomers out there in their surfing gear, grinnin’ from ear to ear.

One thought on “Why I Don’t Listen to the Radio Anymore

  1. A very thoughtful reflection. I think the very act of pursuing happiness causes it to elude us. Better to aim for contentment and be grateful and enjoy happiness as a by-product.


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