Are You Ok? ; and 397 comes along

I sometimes find myself all caught up in this web of how strange we all act sometimes. How mean we are, and how condescending and greedy people can be. It strikes me as very surreal, how much a person can get wrapped up in “stuff”, and forget the essence of what matters. I mean, really, is your life not complete until you’ve picked up the phone … Continue reading Are You Ok? ; and 397 comes along

Why I Don’t Listen to the Radio Anymore

Sometimes I want nothing but the scene out my window, and my own thoughts. I can’t listen to the radio, as I can’t predict what they may play, and there are just some songs I would rather not hear. I savour the dark outside that bus window on my ride home at night, and the opaque glow of billboards, and streetlights. I get restless, and … Continue reading Why I Don’t Listen to the Radio Anymore

On This Maudlin Fryday

The precious Christmas bone has been placed on the bed beside me, after some careful consideration of other locations. For her last choice, I watched her for about 2 or 3 minutes trying to conceal it under this blanket I have draped over my Ikea wicker thingy. I finally decided I’d tell her, um … “Irish, no doggies are coming in here to steal your bone. Really“. So, … Continue reading On This Maudlin Fryday