On This Maudlin Fryday

The precious Christmas bone has been placed on the bed beside me, after some careful consideration of other locations. For her last choice, I watched her for about 2 or 3 minutes trying to conceal it under this blanket I have draped over my Ikea wicker thingy. I finally decided I’d tell her, um … “Irish, no doggies are coming in here to steal your bone. Really“. So, I guess she thought “fine than, I’m leaving it here beside you… if it is not there when I get back in, it will be your fault“.

Now she’s sitting outside randomly barking at stuff… no idea what. Just random barks … “woof” … long silence …. “woof“.

What she REALLY wants is to figure out someway to sneak it past me outside so she can bury it. So this cute little “hide the bone” could all just be part of her grand scheme to somehow accomplish that task. Really, I swear sometimes this dog can be very, very clever.

Now that she’s inside, she has taken the corner of the blanket, and placed it OVER the bone here beside me. It is NOT staying there. This dog is obsessed with this bone. She wants it for later, but she doesn’t want anyone to take if from her. I never take her bones though, so it’s not me she’s worried about. She’s concerned that, oh, I don’t know, some random dog is going to wander in off the sidewalk and steal her bone from her.

How does one convince a dog their logic is flawed? Really a rather difficult task. I’ve said to her “Irish, no one can get your bone in here, really“. Not entirely convinced. But OH YEAH… take it outside… bury it in the snow… NO doggy will EVER find it out there.

Silly dog.


Who wants to bet how long it takes me to stub my toe on this bone?
Who wants to bet how long it takes me to stub my toe on this bone?

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