Irish Hugs From A Golden Teddy Bear

Out for the longer day off morning stroll yesterday Mom, and we swung downtown via the paths that runs along the river. Wore my big Sorel boots, and slipped and slid my way through the snowy sidewalks that loop down and around the river, over Blackfriars bridge and back to the Village. I have to wear those big awkward things, otherwise my feet will freeze … Continue reading Irish Hugs From A Golden Teddy Bear

Ze Mutt

At some point I just knew. She showed up at our door that wintery January 1st eve 2010, and my life has not been the same ever since. Irish is an answered prayer. Like so many dogs, one minute she can look old and wise, and the next just a puppy, and stupid. She always, always greets with exuberance – EVERYONE {whether I agree or … Continue reading Ze Mutt

Dollarama Design & The Dog

So I’ve discovered the downtown Dollarama…and I’m hooked. Last weekend I bought 8 of these Bamboo Floor Mats – which do a fantastic job of covering up the wine stain. They also give the room almost this old circus or gypsy tent feel. They ground the room a bit I believe. Also purchased were some tea towels.  Oh, I know, just WAY too exciting. Insignificant décor becomes significant … Continue reading Dollarama Design & The Dog