Adventures In Abandon Orchards

If there is anywhere in this fair town I can relax, have faith a little, let her off the leash a little, it is there. I don’t generally, for a couple reasons, primarily though that I just don’t trust her to come when she is called. Well, basically because if she decides to, she just won’t listen, C O M P L E T E L Y ignores me.

A Very annoying trait in a dog.

So these exercises are as much about me, as it is about having faith in her.

So I let her go…

2016 The Coves - May

And she trotted off the beaten path.

Off The Beaten Path

And back again.

Up Ahead

So we enjoying the sunshine. She frolicked and pounced on various mysterious things. And then she did this…Look Back

As if to say “is this ok”? And it was more than OK.

Eventually, maybe she saw the worry in my eyes, or maybe she just wanted to trot beside me, but she came back, bowed her head, and stood waiting. So I kissed the top of her bowed head, put the leash back on, and we went on our way together, both with smiles.

I’m so proud of her. She can certainly be spectacular.

She helps me see that I have faith, and I am learning to have it in her.


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