Today They Say

Remember that time we took Grandma to see The Empire Strikes Back? You would think that a woman who believed in UFO’s would have had a better grasp of the storyline. I look back now and wonder what the heck we were thinkin’, taking Grandma to see Star Wars. She leant over so many times to ask you what was going on, I began to wonder if she thought you directed it.

I recall you said to her, rather loudly I might add “I don’t know Mom, maybe if you kept quiet at least one of us would know what was going on!” Which did shut her up. She wasn’t very happy with you. Rather quiet the whole ride home too, if I remember correctly.

Didn’t go as you had expected, eh? I mean, she was born in 1907.

Grandma & Lexi
Grandma & Lexi

I’m still a fan, but I haven’t seen any of the new series. Yes, Mom, you read that correctly. They’ve continued the Trilogy.

So, as the guys at work have said all week…

May the fourth be with you.


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