Did I Tell You About My Affair With A Married Man?

No, I’m quite certain I haven’t written you about this. It ended, oddly enough, in Niagara Falls of all places. He had invited me to come with him for the weekend. I don’t know what I was thinking. He was attending this conference for work. There I was, staring down at the falls, alone in our room, wondering what the hell I was doing. He … Continue reading Did I Tell You About My Affair With A Married Man?

On Pruning the Dead And Departed

“She was convinced that women were as often victims of themselves as they were of men.” ― John Irving, A Widow for One Year      Well Mom, I’ve decided to write you everyday this week. At least that’s the plan. I’m so bad at this part of a break-up – moving on. I have this obsessive tendency to think too much, which leads to frustration, which … Continue reading On Pruning the Dead And Departed

Words Or Deeds?

Oh Mom, this guys’ had me all in knots all weekend, now its Monday morning and maybe I’ve recovered my senses. Maybe it was some elaborate test I’d unconsciously devised? Well, regardless, I finally came to terms with the truth. After looking at the whole picture, the one thing I could not deny is that his actions and words were at odds with one another. … Continue reading Words Or Deeds?

The Lady of the Cellar | Part Two

“You know, Uncle, I’ve lost whole parts of myself since we are traveling together. Layers & layers of “ME” gone. Peeled away, discarded, surplus to requirements. Is that what travelling does? Brings us back to what we truly are?” [“THE ROM: WALKING IN THE PATHS OF THE GYPSIES” ROGER MOREAU] As you pause a memory filters through. As if they reside in subconscious breaking through … Continue reading The Lady of the Cellar | Part Two