Ever Wish You Could Unknow Someone?

Ever Wish You Could Unknow Someone?

I have. Not many mind you. Two actually, and one who just recently turned up. Previous to these two, I’d have to say this was a rather foreign concept.

What I guess makes these two stand out, is perhaps not just what they did, but also what I became in their presence. More than that, is that awful feeling it is to wish you just didn’t know someone. That is so superior to just simply hating them. Hate is a strong word, and one I don’t bandy about. Like Love, it should be reserved for those times when it is genuine, and real…when you believe it, and know it, and just want to make sure THEY know it.

I admit, I see a lesson. Having those in your life who, in their selfishness, seem to feel some kind of justification for treating others shamefully…helps us to recognize when we’re being weak. To illustrate who we are, and what we do when we allow others control of who we are, and what we believe. In both instances I allowed myself to be hypocritical, and to act in a particular way, or desire things, or try to become something that is not me.

The thing is, both individuals caught me within that first year AFTER a significant death. In that time of greatest weakness, and random memories that drip out of your eyes. When for me negativity can be rather draining, and so I tend to ignore anything bad I may come across. Just “nope, no bad there”…I’m blind to it.

The first one, ah, the first one. That weasel of woman, who I won’t name. I won’t even tell you who she was to me, since she no longer deserves the title she once held. I will say though, she came from the west, and to the west I hope she returned, wicked witch that she was. The first letter of her name though is featured prominently in this paragraph.

The other? Mmfph. He’ll eventually be a relative unknown soon enough, he’s not so important. Sure, I shaved the ting and bought some stupid eye cream…then was thrown off to the side like a dirty Kleenex… stumbling away with a rash on my ting, and under my eyes. Nice. Had a bit of the zombie look happening for a while there. THAN…stupid me goes and decides to try the stupid eye cream again…well wouldn’t you know it, gave me a rash. Well, duh! Why do you sometimes have to walk straight into the same place before you realize you’re going the wrong way?

NOT going to happen with the dude though. Nope. LB (loser-boy) is kaput. Nada. I’d like to unknow him though. That would be lovely. Just go back to that first week again, and not waste those days on such a one who DID NOT deserve the time of day…little lone 20 days. Ah well. Live and learn.

The other though? She’ll remain. Top spot…where she always wanted to be.

5 thoughts on “Ever Wish You Could Unknow Someone?

    1. Yeah, I really don’t like the word, or idea of hate. It IS very much like a back space :-) LOL…I like that. OOPs…that’s not what I meant to do


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