Moving Fred To His New Home

Fred the FicusSo there was poor Fred, all hunched over in the middle of my Sisters van. He’s not very happy right now. Like, at all. Dry as a bone too…my sister doesn’t, ahem, have a green thumb. Not black, just…not green.

She had picked me up earlier in the day, her and the girls (my nieces). We went out to lunch, just the 4 of us…I missed them. It was fun to have just the four of us spend time together. My sister and I had two different versions of Egg’s Benny…her’s as a sort of grill style with two poached eggs, topped with Hollandaise…myself country style on English muffins, with pork sausage, topped with Hollandaise…and both came with a banana boat of fresh fruit. OMG….no, sorry, that’s not good enough OH MY GOD !!!!! If you are in London, Ontario…EAT at ANGELS on Wharncliffe Road.

After lunch I went and watched my oldest Niece play hockey, back in the Arena in Dodge, and it was just like old times. Spent a lot of time the last year or so in Arena’s watching these girls play hockey. They are growing up. Bing, bang, boom, before we know they’ll be grown and won’t want to spend ANY time at all with their Aunt, and certainly not with their Mom.

I’m cherishing them now…they are still so young, and not yet cynical, nor have they been jaded by circumstance and pride.

So back to Fred. I have Chamomile Tea steeping, for a sprintz later tomorrow afternoon when the water has cooled. Ficus Benjamina LOVE a spritz of Chamomile once in a while…and poor, dear Fred has been starved and stuck in a dark livingroom with two stinky Guinea Pigs. Although he can’t really complain too much as he got to spend the WHOLE Summer out on the Front Porch. After his move south cramped up in that rotten van, he was REALLY po’d at me.

Ok, fine, he doesn’t SPEAK to me…but leaves speak louder than words.

This was a good day. Than back here to my new pad, hauling Fred and a couple of my plastic containers with shite. And two bags of cloths…and all kinds of memories trailing behind them. Man, oh, man…the things that get those tears started. But that was later, after my sister had left.

Before she left though, as we were out having a smoke, I saw an Orange Challenger over in the parking lot over yonder…at the bar where I met loser-boy. I directed my sister towards the scene…she agreed…probably him. She’s like “what a jerk, why would he go there?” Maybe she has a point, but I suppose it’s a free country. The vehicle left going south, just 2 minutes ago. VAAAaarrrooommm…it went by…loud and arrogant. Geesh, at 2AM no less.

It truly would be nice to unknow someone.

However, atleast Fred’s home, safe and sound. I’ve had a place all picked out for him for almost 2 or maybe even 3 weeks now. Just waiting for his arrival to his new abode. He helps to give the room such a life…and also serves as a block to those who may look yonder, into my window.

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