The Normal School

The three-storey brick building was designed in the High Victorian style by architect Francis Heakes and was constructed in 1898-1899. All exterior elements of the building, and the ground and second floor of the central hall and stairways inside the building, as well as the aesthetic character of the property are protected by an Ontario Heritage Trust conservation easement. The property is also designated by the Municipality of London under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act (By-law L.S.P.-2917501, 1986)[Historic Places].

It was a teachers college, and my Great Aunt Helen attended. Its a beautiful structure, surrounded by a lovely Village Green. Irish and I often take little jaunts around the grounds, as its superb for hunting Squirrels, so of course she LOVEs it.


4 thoughts on “The Normal School

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  2. Why the name “normal school?” In the UK a number of special schools for people with disabilities had the word “normal” in their title but with the development of more enlightened social attitudes the word has dropped out of use. The Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford used to be called the Royal Normal College for the Blind. On reading the title of your article I at first thought that the school perhaps had some association with the education of disabled children but having read the piece it appears that this is not the case.


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