An Iconic Beauty

It stands at the heart of this village within a city, with its high Victorian style and lofty spires reaching towards the sky, it cuts a grand presence. Built in 1899, locals refer to it as ‘The Normal School‘, as it was part of a movement at that time to ‘normalize’ the curriculum, and therefore […]


What Doth The Earth Conceal From Us?

Lately, my binge-watching of history docs has had more focus. Being a total history geek anyways, I’ve found a new fascination with ancient civilisations. I’ve always been interested in ancient societies. However, there has been a shift in our understanding, often gained from our ever advancing own ‘tool use’; and that’s what I find interesting. […]


The Mill Pond @ Dodge

From the beginnings of recorded history there has been an attraction to this spot. Archaeological digs have unearthed three sites used by the Neutral Native people’s from back when a stream flowed down to the river. The first Mill was built on the site in 1853, and remained until the main building of that Mill […]