An Iconic Beauty

It stands at the heart of this village within a city, with its high Victorian style and lofty spires reaching towards the sky, it cuts a grand presence. Built in 1899, locals refer to it as ‘The Normal School‘, as it was part of a movement at that time to ‘normalize’ the curriculum, and therefore a fleet of teachers was required. Basically, it’s one of … Continue reading An Iconic Beauty

What Doth The Earth Conceal From Us?

Lately, my binge-watching of history docs has had more focus. Being a total history geek anyways, I’ve found a new fascination with ancient civilisations. I’ve always been interested in ancient societies. However, there has been a shift in our understanding, often gained from our ever advancing own ‘tool use’; and that’s what I find interesting. That, and sometimes it’s perhaps the tools themselves that get … Continue reading What Doth The Earth Conceal From Us?


Blackfriars Bridge – Wrought Iron Truss bridge, build in 1875. “At 216 feet (65.8 meters) it is the longest working span of that kind in North America“, and as a Bowstring style, one of the rarest. Closed to pedestrian-only traffic since 2013, it remains the entrance to the Blackfriars neighbourhood of London. A pedestrian pathway runs along the Thames, through Harris Park, where you may … Continue reading Blackfriars

The Normal School

The three-storey brick building was designed in the High Victorian style by architect Francis Heakes and was constructed in 1898-1899. All exterior elements of the building, and the ground and second floor of the central hall and stairways inside the building, as well as the aesthetic character of the property are protected by an Ontario Heritage Trust conservation easement. The property is also designated by … Continue reading The Normal School

Why an Irish Catholic Priest was in an Anglican Church

[in the photo – L to R – Great Grandpa and GrandmaC, in behind them my GrandpaD, Aunt Jo, Uncle Burt and Aunt Lex (the bride and groom), GrandmD of course front and centre, no idea who that is over grandmaD’s shoulder, but beside him is Uncle Jack, and the next are also unknown, but I assume the guy with the collar was the minister] … Continue reading Why an Irish Catholic Priest was in an Anglican Church