Sunday Walks: Springbank

London boasts some of the most beautiful areas, parks, and naturalized spaces. So I got dressed this morn and decided to visit one of my fav’s – Springbank, which meanders along the Thames River.









These photos represent only a third, perhaps, of the entire park. Beginning with Greenway Park, and the off-leash Dog park at Springbank and Wharncliffe, this park has been here in one shape or form, for more than a hundred years. Londoners have strolled along these paths, walked their dogs, and went boating down the Thames decade after decade.

It now has these wonderful little naturalized off-path spots now to investigate – Coves Path, Garden Path and a few others I mean to explore next time…I am definitely going to have to be back in the Spring ;-)

Ahead of me in these shots was this sweet, little old man. He passed by as Irish was lapping up water from a puddle…as he past us he says “now, that dog makes me smile”…looked up at me, smiled, and carried on his way. Something about his size, and his gait reminded me of Tim, or how he would have looked if he’d got to grow old. Such a brief, delightful encounter, and he walked with such determination and spirit, that he made ME smile.



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