That Twisted Creeper I Adore

This will be my 4th summer here in this little in-between woodland garden. Amongst the ferns and hostas, the new coral bells, the Creeping Jenny, the Lily-of-the-Valley, and the wild Geranium, there creeps and twists this vine. And each year I have gently guided that Parthenocissus quinquefolia to suit. Encouraging it along the arch of my little woodsy arbour that leads out into the big … Continue reading That Twisted Creeper I Adore

Sunday Walks: Springbank

London boasts some of the most beautiful areas, parks, and naturalized spaces. So I got dressed this morn and decided to visit one of my fav’s – Springbank, which meanders along the Thames River. These photos represent only a third, perhaps, of the entire park. Beginning with Greenway Park, and the off-leash Dog park at Springbank and Wharncliffe, this park has been here in one … Continue reading Sunday Walks: Springbank