Wildflower Walks By The Thames | August 2015

Trapped forever on its own, The Coves are a naturalized set of trails along the old elbow of The Thames River. It can be wild, or restrained, hilly, or grassy trails meandering along the banks. Where wildflowers grow, so do bees, and bugs, butterfly’s and birds; providing a plethora of pollinator, and seed distributors, and other propagators. One can start at Euston Meadow, or park … Continue reading Wildflower Walks By The Thames | August 2015

Euston Meadow ~ revisited (again)

Again and again I return. There are more ecologically diverse areas in London, larger, perhaps some may say lovelier. If one includes all the woodsy ways, back roads, and other wild spaces I’ve wandered, few have captured my soul more completely though. One may find it tucked in behind busy Wharncliffe & Baseline, situated where once the city disposed of their waste. It is a … Continue reading Euston Meadow ~ revisited (again)

Within The Forest Of My Temenos

Euston Meadow ~*~ June 16th, 2015 This forest may be small, yet it is quite lovely, and a favourite of mine to explore. It has this rare and wonderful peaceful sense to it, this woods. With a serenity, I imagine may stem from the relief that it’s finally able to breath, and not smothered under garbage, and god knows what other wounds it has endured over the years. Now, thriving, with grasses blowing in the gentle breezes of late … Continue reading Within The Forest Of My Temenos

Sunday Walks: Springbank

London boasts some of the most beautiful areas, parks, and naturalized spaces. So I got dressed this morn and decided to visit one of my fav’s – Springbank, which meanders along the Thames River. These photos represent only a third, perhaps, of the entire park. Beginning with Greenway Park, and the off-leash Dog park at Springbank and Wharncliffe, this park has been here in one … Continue reading Sunday Walks: Springbank