More Of The Same

I promised I would Mom, so here goes.

Last night I was awoken at 1am by a Mr.Blue.Eyes text. For someone who hates texting he certainly utilizes it quite often as his primary means of communication. So after more back and forth, and after being up till around 3am tossing and turning, feeling rather tired this morn.

He won’t go away easily. Says I’ve sold him short, and I’m too impatient. So I told him to prove to me I’m wrong, and drag your arse over here so we can talk face to face.

I know I should just ignore him, but I just can’t. I certainly gave him every reason to stay the heck away from me, and I think I’ve made it clear what I want, but men are dense and don’t often use the right head for thinkin’.

Tread lightly my gut is saying, this one is going to be difficult. Ugh.

Mom, give me strength. Strength to do what’s right for me, and the strength to hopefully see past his needs and his double-talk, and concentrate on myself. Give me the strength to once and for all get what I want and what I need.

Oh, Momma-mia…give me strength.

Love Paula

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