Sisters in the 70's - gold and green plaid sofa -

My Sister and I

We are different, my sister and I, but we’ve grown together over the years. It’s funny how time, space, and shared loss, and at one point or another, you find she has become essential. No longer the annoying hunk of flesh that your Mom’s loins disappointingly gave forth, but the voice on the end of the phone who knows all the essential details of your stories. … Continue reading My Sister and I

Lessons learned at the Homestead – Week 13

Now sometimes front row seating is peaceful, calming. While at other times it’s just plain more fun to be right there up close to the action. Yet …occasionally being too up close and personal is just a wee bit constraining. Case in point: the ol’sister and I were up last night a little later than normal, and we {that being the royal we} discussed perspective. … Continue reading Lessons learned at the Homestead – Week 13