Grandma Was A Beach Bum

Grandma Was a Beach Bum
That woman, she liked the beach. I found rolls and rolls of negatives of her and Grandpa at the beach. These beaches look nothing like this now, but I would imagine they are taken mostly at Port Stanley, and primarily beaches along the Lake Erie shore, in Ontario. Grandma and Grandpa liked to go dancing at the old Stork Club in Port Stanley. There used to be a train every Friday and Saturday night from London, so once and a while Grandpa would take her out dancing to the likes of Guy Lombardo and his Orchestra.

The following photographs are from my Grandparents collection – pre-WWII in the late 1930’s.

At the Beach

At the Beach

The Braided Lady

Old Photos - 079

Old Photos - 017


  1. Jo

    Oh my goodness how wonderful! I collect old cameras that I find in the Charity shops and when ever I buy one I pray that by some miracle there might be an old roll of used film in it. It hasn’t happened yet though. These are wonderful.


        1. PaulaB

          I’ve thought of that…I guess 120 re-spooled will work in it. It would have taken a 620, which they don’t make any longer. I think it be neat to go back to some of those beaches and do a series in retrospect. Project for myself this year ;-)


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