Blog-hoping as labyrinth

“I am in awe of the beautifully sincere and profoundly moving creative souls there are on our spinning ball. As I blog-hop along”

I wrote that November 3, 2012 – I had been blogging one week. Just re-read this old post, and had to share. This is another reason why I blog, to remind myself of what the important shit is.

via Blog-hoping as labyrinth.

4 thoughts on “Blog-hoping as labyrinth

  1. So true. Blogging helps me connect to so many like minded who are as passionate about knowing and exploring as I am. It helps me travel distances that I would otherwise have never dared to venture into!


    1. It does. And sorry for taking a bit to reply. I’m bad. ;-) Haven’t been as diligent with ALL the duties that come with blogging…like following up when someone comments. I always miss afew…although I love to hear what others have to say…as much as I enjoy reading everyone’s posts ;-\


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