from bone to soul

i stand alone but i am not free i never was from the other one who looks back at me through the reflection it builds a wall within of fears and webs scratching at the barrier of my solitude in shadows of sin and pints of joy it smiles at the pain it causes the […]


Blog-hoping as labyrinth

“I am in awe of the beautifully sincere and profoundly moving creative souls there are on our spinning ball. As I blog-hop along” I wrote that November 3, 2012 – I had been blogging one week. Just re-read this old post, and had to share. This is another reason why I blog, to remind myself […]


Lost in Helium Spheres | Part Two

“Pathologizing psyche is not wrong…and to realize deeply that it is not wrong, but rather necessary, is healing”  James Hillman IN DAYS SPENT I found myself cascading off mountains, plummeting down towards anger, uplifting my eyes to guilt, surrendering to helpless stagnation.Looking into the eyes of maniacal loss. A sweeping denial; dulled vision. Possible continuation […]