How Do You Pack A Giraffe?

I bought him cheap because he was missing an ear. Yes, another of Paula’s foundlings. And he fits right in with my menagerie of the broken & cracked. He doesn’t have a name … maybe he’ll be Gustavus … one of my ancestors regal sounding names.



Boxespost began @ 7:30AM EST – I’m down to the last days and it’s chaos. Books, cloths, this and that is EVERYWHERE awaiting a box or bag or whatever. And yes, I have a moving date now – March 4th. Monday. Ugh. All’s well in that department.  It looks now very discouraging. This post I’m writing over the course of the day.

Was just thinking that probably Gustavus could be shrouded in a bit of cardboard wrapped and taped. Oh yeah, that’s the other fun aspect … being out here in the bush and not being able to drive (nope, never got my license) is rather a bit of a handicap. Ah, need TAPE. Have every other kind of tape, no packing tape. Blawdy stupid for not “putting it on the list”. Gotta have one of those, otherwise I’d just wander round town wondering what I’m suppose to be doing. With a list I have a purpose and a mission so I stay focused.

As a side-note – As I get my life back in some type of order I expect my posts will not be as frequent. However, I have planned for that. Hence the design changes over the last while. I’m a freak when it comes to design and layout and it would have drove me crazy if something were amiss. So I’ve tweaked to my little hearts content – literally. The re-design was a strip-down and rethink on my actual focus – which is now clearly laid out along the left hand column. That column exists as much for me as it does for navigation. Serves to remind ME.

Blessing for Sunday AND Merry Maudlin Monday will be posted tomorrow.


10:45AM EST.Taking a coffee break.

A list is a gift of the gods you give yourself. I sometimes think I should have one for the menial tasks like “go pee”, “eat food”, “drink water”, “quit acting like a baby”.

Last night I’m looking at the bread wondering (as I munch on a piece) if I should put it in the fridge so it won’t go stale. So I look at the date on the tag, it says Mar 2. I’m like, oh yeah, we have lots of time. Put it back in the cupboard. This was last night, on March 1st. We’re doing well. Therefore you can clearly see how essential a list is.

Now that I’ve sifted and sorted all my stuff, from the cottage stuff, it is now that exciting time where the last remaining bits need to find a place. More bags going to the dump I’m thinking. Lil’Sis doesn’t have the room so there are sadly some things that are staying. OH…and at some point today I guess I have to remove 3 feet of snow from on top of and around the BBQ that I’m now taking with me. SirB is apparently all excited about the BBQ. SO the OAK table is out and the BBQ is in. As the merry-go-round spins, so goes the day of my freaken life warp and turn.

COFFEE BREAKS UP back to the grind.


QUICK lunch12:15PM – 12:30PM – Taco Pops for lunch. Than bit of editing. Cloths now out of the dresser drawers and sorted. Now I have to just throw all the stuff I’ll wear over the next two month in a big suitcase. Done. More kitchen items packed so the kitchen is looking better than it did this morning.

Garden Drawer

The emptying of gardening drawer was a tear-jerker. Crying over popsicle sticks (thank you Chapman’s Ice Cream – girlfriend works in Marketing) for a veggie garden that will never be this spring. In the garbage they go.

Well BACK AT IT … no dottling chicky. {I swear, my foreperson is in a real mood}


14:06 EST – There is nothing quite as much fun as standing out at the side of the road on a cold day trying to unthaw your mailbox lock with a lighter that keeps going out. Add a dog who has no clue what your doing so keeps yanking the lead and taking my whole arm away. Fun times had by all. Least Irish got a walk. More than she got yesterday.

And the BBQ. What do we do about the 7 feet of snow beside it? Great big giant hairdryer?


I’ve been kind of ignoring it. When the roof was cleaned off all the stuff on the roof went down onto the BBQ. Which is why there is almost 8 feet of snow beside the house. And which is why I decided NOT to take it. So I have a heavy snow removal day lined up for myself tomorrow. Nice.


17:00 EST Dishes washed, and moving everything around so I can walk. Just downloaded, tweaked and uploaded these photos and added to post. Taking a break.

Feeling good now, was peakin’ a bit earlier after talking to the Lil’Sis. She was all “you are going to be leaving alot behind, you will just have to deal with it. We don’t have room for everything”. Grrrr. Yeah, really?!

RAE's HONEY HOUSENow with more accomplished, more organized, not feeling … so … diminished, I guess is the word. Sitting here enjoying some nice black Earl Grey Tea with local honey from RAE’s HONEY HOUSE, right outside town in Holland Centre. Tim and I would always pick up a tub right at their shop on our way back from Owen Sound. So when I was in town this week I bought an extra tub of it to bring with me. I spent 4 summers with some of those bees, I appreciate their services.

I’m not done, but this post is … ciao for now :lol:

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