Long Sunday Walks

I’ve been drinking too much coffee and indulging in too too many of those rotten cylinders of sin.  Two hard-boiled eggs and 2 pieces of cheese for breakfast; then a two hour nap. Umph….I don’t blawdy think so. This kat I fear is soon going to have a posterior region that soon will take up more room on this chair then it should. I am feeling bored and trapped.

So out the door we went. THIS time me and the furry beasty went farther afield. Took almost 2 1/2 hrs. Whew. Fantastic walk. I thought at one  point my hip just might cause a problem, but I just walked through it and it went away. Great feeling. Felt so energizing.

All I’m doing really is working up the courage to start going through our bedroom. I have things that need to be done, and I have been dodging. I don’t sleep in there any more, I just store OTHER things I have to deal with. So….long Sunday walks are mandatory therapy. My whole being felt cleansed afterward.

5 thoughts on “Long Sunday Walks

    1. Absolutely Kozo. The activity of walking, of taking the time to observe and notice the majesty around you – the sights, the sounds, the smells… it simply cannot be beat!


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