Daydreams Of Spring

The days are lengthening, the light is changing, tis the 18th of February and SURPRISE, more snow.

Holed up here in me den, till I must venture forth to work, Irish and I have become rather bored with it all. Oh, sunny days do appear more now, yet the bitter cold has me shivering at the mere thought of going out in it. This winter has sunk into my very marrow. Something inside me feels chilled, and I find it so difficult to go on adventures.

IMG_0001-004For December and January, my canine companion and I have enjoyed our time snuggled up inside. I’m ashamed to admit, yet I have rarely ventured out these last couple months. Irish gets a walk about 2x a week, and until recently she was fine with that.

In the air of late though we can both sense the change. Subtle it still may be, just a change to the bird song, and a hint of spring every once and awhile on the breeze.  Here, than quickly gone.

IMG_20140209_022805Today the reality that winter is not quite done with us yet is more the theme. We will receive 15cm of snow, which started falling last night as I left work. This morning it continues, and again the sky’s are grey and overcast, and the icy wind can be seen in the side to side sway of the trees out my window.

Irish, as the snow hound she is, sat out last night and only came inside cause I called her. She was covered in a thick layer of snow. HAPPY as a clam. She’s restless though, as am I. I’m itching for long walks in early spring woods.  I want to go hunting for wild leeks, and wander muddy paths, and look for Bloodroot and Trout Lily’s.


  1. Queenie

    Me and my hairy friend are getting fed up with everytime we go out the door we get caked in mud, I’m spending my whole time brushing out mud from his long, thick fur. Roll on dry, sunny days! X


        1. PaulaB

          :-) she will though…she just LOVES to be touched…its this grand game for her. This year I’m investing in some good, sturdy rubber boots…I just wish they made them for dogs…AND… that I could get the fluffy one to wear them


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