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Out and About in Dodge

The move went well, if a little crazy. SirB is the one who came and picked me up, but he had to be back to work in the afternoon. So good thing I was organized, but still didn’t have time to clean up abit from behind were the furniture sat. Ugh. Embarrassing but I did the very best I could, being at the mercy of others as I am so often lately. But hey, SirB’s happy as he got the BBQ out of the 8 foot snowdrift it was buried under. So alls well that ends well.Irish-me

Irish was a little freaked out on the ride here, but since she was just here at Christmas she was fine once we arrived. She went to bed with the girls last night, but when I awoke she was right by my side.

She’s done well the last couple stressful days. No puking in the vehicle, which is wonderful. Hasn’t eaten yet, but I expected that… she’ll be fine by tomorrow. She did this at christmas, and she did it the first few days after she arrived on our doorstep. She gets anxiety and I think it makes her tummy upset.
the river

After everyone was off to school and work, Irish I went out for a nice long walk about town. Dodge hasn’t physically changed that much since I was young. I mean we have a Tim Hortons now, new addition on the Arena , there is a new bridge, new stores, new subdivisions, and new business’, but the core is more or less the same just the names on the signs have changed.

So picture me sauntering down main street with this fluffy blond dog swinging my fluorescent blue bag of poop. Nice. Why does she have to take a dump not 300 feet from the front door? Can’t wait, oh no. AND of course there is no garbage can ANYWHERE.

But hey, beautiful sunny day and I’m in CIVILIZATION again so I swung that ol’bag a poop around and strolled down the sidewalk with a smile on my face and a swing in my step.  Even spent alittle time on my appearance. My philosophy is may be sad, poor and destitute, but I don’t have to look like I am. I figure if I act the way I want to be, eventually I will be that person.

16 thoughts on “Out and About in Dodge

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  2. I have anxiety when I am on a road trip too… so I understand how poor Irish felt on the trip down to Dodge. You’re right about your observation: “if I act the way I want to be, eventually I will be that person.” Put up your hair, put on some lipstick, practice that smile and get out there. See you soon.


    1. She was so much better this time, but yeah, the car thing sorta freaks her out…but no puking, well, not in the car. She did on Lil’Sis’ carpet the first night ;-) After two long walks two days in a row, she’s happy. Girls hand fed her food yesterday…so she’s completely being spoiled.


  3. I’m so glad your move went well and that you and Irish are getting acclimated. I just moved and my dog got a week long case of the runs from it, but some rice fixed that up. I don’t know why I’m telling you about my dog’s diarrhea… Back to you – the town looks very scenic and pretty.


    1. LOL….hey, they’re like our children, least with me. dogs react in alls sorts of ways when they’re under stress. and yes, Dodge is a pretty little place.

      Sucky thing is I have to do this all again in a month. But my next “jump” won’t be quite as far.


      1. :) Spoiled children who know how to manipulate us – like Jedis!

        Oh no! At least everything is in boxes already… Hope that goes well and that you have a nice time with your family for now. I think everyone needs that. Are you giving your brother in law the grill?


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