Merry Maudlin Monday

Merry Maudlin Monday w/The Wilbury’s

The PinesToday is my last day here at the Cottage. Tomorrow at this time I’ll be back at the Homestead with my Lil’Sis and her family.  Irish and I went out earlier and did a final walk-about, she sniffed I snapped pictures. Its been a busy day. Everything (almost) has found a home…just my computer area to pack now. Feels strange that the next time I post something I won’t be here. I’ve deleted hundreds of lines of text in trying to describe how I’m feeling, so I’ll just move along from trying.

I decided in honour of this final post here at the Lake I would go into my iTunes and hit random on Tim’s playlist…and this is what came up. So enjoy.

Something to get ya moving on your Monday or Sunday, unless of course you read this in some other hemisphere where it is Monday…than … I’ll shut up for now. But just for now…

see ya on the flip side :lol:

7 thoughts on “Merry Maudlin Monday w/The Wilbury’s

    1. I was thinking the same thing when I posted…almost like someone was listening ;-) and yes…definitely…I was thinking that very thing yesterday on the drive here. And thankyou so much for your support thru this…it means alot.


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