Poets on Sunday: TOLKIEN

Tolkien was heavily influenced by the Viking Sagas, and Old Norse, and both these excerpts from his poems speak to that heritage within the words.

[ Photo’s: August 9th, 2009, Grey County ]


I am off down the road Where the fairy lanterns glowed And the little pretty flittermice are flying: A slender band of grey It runs creepily away And the hedges and the grasses are a-sighing.

The Shores of Fairy


In Valinor,
No stars come there but one alone
That hunted with the Moon,
 For there the
Two Trees naked grow
That bear Night’s silver bloom;
That bear the globed fruit of Noon
 In Valinor,
There are the shores of Faery
With their moonlit pebbled strand
Whose foam is silver music
On the opalescent floor
Beyond the great sea-shadows
On the margent of the sand
That stretches on for ever
From the golden feet of Kor ~
Beyond Taniquetil
In Valinor.

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