Looking Back At The Beginning

Just got the notion to give away some of the old backgrounds. All the ideas, creations and toying I’ve done over the last four years with this blog. Some of them I do love, but just don’t fit with my theme, or focus, or feel I want now.

I can’t help but think about that small group of early followers from those first 30 days. And, shock of all shocks, the ones who kept likeing time to time – Michael Lai, OneAnna65, MerlinSpielen, Robert, Rommel, Niva Dorell, Rustic Recluse, and Aan.  Well, to start with.

We’ve sort of kept in touch. Liking, commenting on each other’s posts once in a while. I suck at it, so maybe I’m feeling guilty for being so distant and aloof. You know me though Mom. Consummate introvert.

Novemeber 17 2012

Well, anyhow. I was curious, and decided to go check out those early posts. Starting right at the beginning, and see who among that group that still remains, well who came first.

And I might have known.

It was Ra. She showed up at just the right time. I had only been blogging 5 days.

Some just have this glorious character that brings people together.

That dino gal that has been to hell and back, well she still shines like a raindrop in the sunshine. Always has. With all her rainbow reflections, she inspires me.

She’s one of those old souls we used to talk about. Those who seemed to come into the world knowing more, seeing more, understanding more.

I am thankful for all of them. Each like spurred me forward. I honestly don’t really know how to thank them. They stuck by, they encouraged, they commented. If not for them I would not be writing to you now.

Well, should get my day started. Day off, and lots to do. Can hear the birds welcoming the dawn with their merry chirping. Irish is stretched out on the floor beside me. It’s my day off.


Help yourself.

I love creating things, but they just don’t always work for me. Maybe they’ll work for someone else.
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