Dog Biscuits

I forgot to buy dog treats, and when she came up to me last night and waggled her fluffy blond head I just instinctively went to the cupboard, reached in, and there was nothing. Let’s just say she was not very happy with me. Once I had completely and totally convinced her I had nothing, oh my word, the LOOK! Head down, sitting glumly in … Continue reading Dog Biscuits

ferns from the homestead

And The Earth Under Our Feet

Your generation is far more in touch with themselves than we were. Young girls today have choices ahead of them, that I would imagine can be overwhelming. Certainly, my generation of girls was never a very active bunch, in terms of sports. It was frowned upon. Those Great Granddaughters of mine are becoming such strong, capable young ladies. Hockey was a good choice for them, … Continue reading And The Earth Under Our Feet