from The Red Duo-Tang: Me at 7

May 14, 1974

  • Well here it is 9:30PM & Paula has just gone to bed to-nite for the 3rd time. Hates going to bed. Just like her mother was & is. Even tho’ she eats a good supper now always has to have something before she can go to bed. Never goes without getting up 3 or 4 times. Afraid she’s going to miss something.
  • Still enjoys riding the bus to school. No complaints about going now. After school she haunts the Reids {old retired couple who lived next door}. MichelleM has come down to play with her the last 2 Saturdays. Enjoys that but is really exhausted at nite.
  • Last Saturday May 11th was her Baton Recital Dress Rehearsal was at 9:15 AM & the recital at 7:30PM. Did really well. Joyce and Eva went and couldn’t believe how good she was. She really seems to have a knack for it. Enjoyed being in it. Got to wear purple eye shadow to match her uniform & blush. Really thought she was something. Went over to Joyce & Wayne’s afterward & didn’t get home till 11:30…was exhausted but still talking at 12:30. Up bright and early the next morning too {somethings never change}.
  • Still doesn’t want to have her hair cut for the summer. Has a fit every time I mention it. Loves long hair.
  • Very saucy sometimes. Talks continually. I’m sure she doesn’t listen to half of what Mrs. Armour says during the day. Is always getting ticked off for talking in school. Hates Kim {bff} right now. But still wants to phone her up continually, than Kim won’t talk to her which really makes her mad.
  • Very sensitive still. Resents being told off. Has a great deal of enthusiasm for everything she does. Persistent if she can’t do what she wants. Keeps nagging. Teases Lexi which causes a lot of yelling from that quarter. Won’t eat her lunch at school. Never eats all of it. Always giving something away to Lucy. Lucy eats better than she does.
  • On religious theme: Told me last Saturday if I didn’t go to church Sunday she was going to kill me. I told her that wasn’t a very Christian attitude. {funny that I always remembered this story as me telling her she was going to hell}

May 31, 1974
Went in to wake her up for school and when she sat up, I said “You’ve got the mumps.” The whole left side of her neck was swollen. The swelling spread to the other side by night. Gave her 2 aspirin every 4 hours. Ate tomatoe soup for breakfast & ice cream rest of day. Worse at nite & sore.

June 1, 1974
Very sore this morning. Couldn’t eat supper to-nite. Went in and lay on the couch & said “Oh, I don’t know what’s the matter with me I’m not myself today.” She’s really swollen on both sides. They hurt & so do her glands. Some fever.

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