Ignorance May Be Bliss, Cept When It Kills Ya, Then We Call It Something Else, But What Do I Know

Perhaps this shall be a weekly rant, just to ensure my brain doesn’t explode. Lately I’ve managed to maintain a smashing job of ignoring most of the chaos unfolding south of the 49th. Alas, I’m not completely immune, and, try as I may, ignorance to me tis not bliss.

Certainly, I have made a genuine effort to ignore all punditry exposing the myriad of corruptions, disruptions, any and all eruptions of clusterfakry down yonder in the land of my birth is summarily turned off, scrolled past, whilst I bliss out on long history lectures, and streaming binges of Poirot.

Difficult at first, yet highly necessary for my general well-being.

Watching helplessly the selfish acts of humanity, mean people being mean, it hurts something inside… I just can’t watch it… too much is at stake now… people are dying because of this man.

And the difficult thing is knowing there really is not a thing to be done, but watch, helplessly as the country sinks farther into chaos.

Here they are in this global crisis, and no one left with a spine, no one left with any will whatsoever to dare correct the man-child who inhabits that house of white down yonder.

The incompetent boob has ensured there is absolutely no one left around who would disagree, no one left who actually has any experience or knowledge to guide him. Not that he would actually probably listen, but still.

His incompetence is actually quite shocking to behold.

Those with any integrity in this administration were long gone by the time this pandemic hit North American shores. Those who remain do so as much for fear of not just him, but his delusional followers. This week he demonstrated he would unleash them at will, his delusional desire to open everything back up, regardless of the body count it will generate at morgues across the country.

So we watched as his MAGAts swarmed a few state legislatures, like some zombie apocalypse, the scary hoards went to protest the lockdowns in those states, with nazi flags flying alongside the confederate.

Profit over people, don’t ya know. It is frustrating to watch them ignore the science, ignore what all the REAL experts are advising.

Really, all who are left within his administration are a rag-tag jumble of those who long ago sold their soul, have no thought for anyone but themselves, just the sort Trump likes. Not a single one in the lot not laser focused on saving their own stinky bum, and making sure dear leader gets re-elected, so they don’t have to answer to anyone for their greed, weakness, corruption, or whatever it is that has them fiddling while people died.

Suppose it will sadly be left for their children and grandchildren, those generations who come after, to bear the shame of being related to anyone touched by the corruptible influence of this incompetent commander.

Well mom, right now I have to say it feels like that point in the movie where the bad guys are still in power doing evil bad guy stuff, and the good guys are a band of unlikely heros, and you would not be amiss at sometimes losing faith. The smoke screens of blither and blather, you know, it is truly and absolutely stunning to behold.

Which is why I took a step back from it all, put as much distance between me and the news spewing from down yonder, as its, well, it is very difficult to watch.

Chihuahua sleeping
Pika enthralled with a fascinating talk I watched on HistoryTV

Hard to stomach the incredible incompetence, the dance of lies and BS, like flies around a rotting corpse. I wonder if they even, if any of them, if they have any idea how many needless deaths this man will be responsible for? Or, if they care?

Trump’s re-election chances always hinged on the economy, and now that is in tatters, he is desperate, flailing around for someone to blame for his own mistakes.

Yet, I, um, I don’t understand, and I’m not so sure if this all is going to work out the way they think. The people gathering this week, all of them were followers of his, and this virus is not intimidated, it will kill them just as certainly as it will a Democrat, it is not picky.

I mean, given that the braggart bully boob they adore is completely and absolutely immune to facts, ignores anything that doesn’t fit into his narrow selfish narrative, nothing he says or believes qualifies as a GOOD IDEA.

It just can’t be ignored, that the worse this gets, the more likely it becomes that the United States is in for a very long dark time, as thousands die, while many Republicans and their leaders follow the commands of this insane man, and ignore the advice of viral experts from around the world.

This POTUS is just that guy who you will never convince of anything he doesn’t want to believe. He can’t handle the truth. He is THAT annoying ignoramus most of us would avoid like, em, the plague. The bully braggart while certainly unconventional, highly amusing, just as long as he isn’t pointing his laser of lies and other dirty crap at you.

He is the Emperor of know-it-all, that stupid moron that refuses to admit any errors in judgment, and will actually if pressed ignore all evidence to the contrary, and stubbornly continue the disastrous path they were on.

And, far as I know from Lexter, Dad and MsB are still drinkin’ the Kool-Aid, sadly. Though, considering their fav TV news is FOX, it is no wonder.

The man feeds all their darkest fears, he strings them along.

This is, I believe, I really think it is a very dangerous time. This pandemic has exposed, blatantly for all to see the utter and complete incompetence of the man. Anyone who was actually left who still questioned that, difficult as that is to believe, there are a few I guess who thought he was harmless.

Basically, he knows he is probably doomed, the economy has tanked due to the lockdown, and he just really doesn’t either grasp what could come next, or care.

Trumps only consideration is being re-elected. He knows the day he is no longer POTUS, is the day he may have to actually answer for his crimes. Once he steps foot outside that house of white, he will not have the benefit of an Attorney General Barr to help him obstruct justice, hide his ties to Russian money, block his tax returns, and prevent the courts from finding all the crap he and his cronies have done whilst he’s been in office.

Sadly, all most of us can do is stand back and watch. Or, em, sometimes watch. Often not watch, as it is all just too much, alas. Too much.

Oh, but enough of all that. The future is not ours to see, what will be will be.

Now, I’ll leave you mom with this, something to make you smile happy tears.


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