The Wee Wanker Learns To Bark, UGH, At Everything

You know, one thing lil Pika and I will probably never agree on… is the perfect temperature. As she sits next to me here in my chair shivering away, and so I put her blankie on her, and still her wee body trembles.

I have learned since she came into my life, that Chihuahuas shiver when they’re cold, when they’re anxious, when they’re excited, when they’re scared, angry, and when they are dreaming and making those little cute noises.

I’ve seen where this trembling will decrease when she’s adult.

Yet, I do love the coolness of the morning, the fresh air that streams through the window, wakes me up, enlivens. The sounds of the bird chatter, before the rest of the world awakes.

However, my companion does not share this, alas, she sleeps the morn away, mummified in the comforter.

Sunlight and warmth are all well and good, but from the shadows in the dawning and duskish light beams dance through my garden, those are my favourite times. The warmth on my face, fleeting and like that touch of the divine. It whisks away dark thoughts, every time.

And, suppose that is why my garden has been designed to capture those moments, enhance it, bring a bit of those beams of sunshine through that turns green leaves chartreuse.

My garden is designed for texture, and form, and the beauty of the faery light of an enchanted woodland.

Actually mom, a lot of my inspiration has come from my childhood memories of that old ruined foundation of the sidebarn I used to spend so much time in next to Grandmas.

Remember that? There was really nothing left but about 3 feet (0.91 m) to about 4 feet (1.22 m) of the foundations, and it was completely hidden by a veil of shrubs. I remember sitting there for hours on end, staring at the play of light, eating gooseberries.

Sitting there yesterday, on my stoop, staring at nothing and everything, puttering about, drinking herbal tea, and trying to teach the loudmouth Chihuahua that she DOES NOT have to bark at every living thing that passes by. Seriously, does blawdy not, and der be some teachen days coming in the garden paradise. Teaching this wee weasel the fine art of barking just enough, and then shutting the f up.

I mean, she’s 9 months old, and she’s is convinced she is all that, and I don’t want to punish that spirited wiley chi that she is. No, more to curb some of that zest towards, em, the ball, a bone, a stick, a jolly roll in that stinky spot… whatever. Something that is not barking at people crossing the street way over there like 500 or more feet away at the 4 way, or that suspicious lot over there waiting for a bus, walking across the parking lot, random leaf underneath the compost waving menacingly at her.

I mean, it can be seriously blawdy adorable, with her wee little growly thang she does, and her attempt of serious deep barky big dog bark… which still could almost shatter crystal. She’s almost not so eardrum shattering as she was, so that’s a good.

The small dog thing mom is quite different, in quite a few I would not have thought. Good stuff and not as good. The barky thing at everything, that’s annoying. But it is nice to just scoop her squiggly body up when the guy and his nasty tempered Rottweiler come close, and she’s all…. wanna go? wanna? Ya scared… say that over here big guy?

Ya, no.

She is completely fearless.

Spent a couple days on the garden. Well, not like hard work, more thoughtful work, as to moving this here, planting the Nasturtiums that have sprouted rootlets. Also, I finally started the little back part, you know where that rotten wagon thing sat for so long? Yeah, so I transplanted some the Golden Creeping Jenny, and a couple ferns.

Here’s some shots… one of the new space, plus those beautiful Muscari ‘Grape Hyacinth’s’ I planted last fall look really nice, and the Bumble Bees agree.

And, I’m proud to say, I also finally washed the windows, inside and out. You have no idea how brighter it is. Holy cow batman, you would not believe the filth, and the light it was blocking.

All for now.



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