The Heartbreaking Reality Unfolding Down Yonder In The Land Of My Birth

Gnash my teeth, if I had any left, seething rage, as I watch the number of positive tests for the virus tick up, and deaths mount across the land, and thousands are going to die needlessly because of the inaction of one man. Incompetence, or evil, same difference, whether with ignorance of intent, the dead will still be dead.

Then last night the news hit that 4 Senators had dumped huge amounts of stock after an Intelligence Committee meeting back February 24th or so, where they were informed about this virus. Co-in-ke-dink?

This has become one of those defining times, a place in time when everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, can see a distinct before, and after. Where things change so fast your head spins, and things you barely noticed, out the side of your eye, take on an entirely different significance.

This is not like anything I have experienced in my 52 years, or to the magnitude of this, not even 9/11.

Things have changed so drastically in just a week. Tangible things, right now, like social distancing, isolation, just going out for what you need, sparse shelves in grocery stores, and EVERYONE talking about THIS. Absolutely EVERYONE, in this kind of surreal WE ARE THE WORLD sorta way, eh?

COVID-19 is a virus that has overtaken our entire society, threatens to crash the economy, possibly into a recession, the likes of which not seen since the Great Depression. Basically, until they can find a vaccine, this all could be more or less how things are… atleast 2 years, maybe less, maybe more.

When its all over, things will not ever be the same.

Ever. Be. The. Same.

This virus has ripped open holes, stripped back the weak facade of incompetent governments across the world. A nation as powerful and wealthy as the U.S. caught with their pants down, being led by a bankrupt reality TV star who is WAY WAY over his head.

This virus spreads on fine droplets of greed and corruptions, of those more interested in themselves. It spreads by way of selfish ego’s, those not concerned about the least of their citizenry, but rather solely focused on the giants who can snack on their own fleshy fat cells to get by.

The States taking centre stage is nothing new, we’ve become used to the show.

But this time, this time it is painful to watch. Watch as basically they have devolved into a complete and utter chaotic sh!tshow, with the commander of chaos stirring up his MAGAt base to xenophobia and hate, as Asian-Americans across the States are attacked physically, some just mere children.

Lies, compounded by false assurance, dissolving and defunding various agencies and programs that had been set up during the previous administration to handle just this kind of pandemic. So many of the policies and cuts that this incompetent administration have made would have been invaluable right now – but now we watch as they run around like chicken’s with their heads cutoff, trying to play catch-up, and more people die.

from VOX.COM – Feb 25, 2020
The Covid-19 outbreak, however, is a reminder that it remains a scary world and that the American government deals with a lot of important, complicated challenges that aren’t particularly ideological in nature. And we have no reason to believe the current president is up to the job. Trump not only hasn’t personally involved himself in the details of coronavirus response (apparently too busy pardoning former Celebrity Apprentice guests), he also hasn’t designated anyone to be in charge.

Trump’s flailing incompetence makes coronavirus even scarier | By Matthew Yglesias,

The article was written just a month ago or so, but spot on. Just complete incompetence. He has become the ultimate and complete ego-driven maniacal villain. I mean, it is both terrifying and breathtaking to behold, just how completely insane he is.

I mean mom, when he talks it is a gibberish mess, saying crap that isn’t true, mumbling on, and every once in a while throwing out CHINESE VIRUS to ensnare the audience, rile up his loyal base with the disgusting language he knows damn well incites violence. KNOWS it. Shift the blame, everyone wants someone to blame.

WHAT kind of leader in a crisis incites blawdy violence? Ah…. a racist one.

A tyrant who gets off on the anger and hatred that spews forth from the mouths of his disgusting sycophants that lick his gigantic arse, praise him and fawn over him, stroke his ego, so that he doesn’t go apesh!t on them soon as the camera’s gone, and all the ‘nasty’ reporters go back to the FAKE news.

{Paula, unclench your jaw} I should try to write more, I know, but lately my mind feels blank. I stare at the screen, scroll through the news feed, and repeat the same things… yeah… I need to unplug… far far more often.

Well, least Canada closed the border, and more and more people day after day, are taking this crisis more seriously. Generally as they watch in horror at the tragedy unfolding in the States. Helplessly watching as thousands upon thousands ignore the reality that this man has brought on them. It didn’t have to be this way, didn’t have to be so completely messed up, with so many greedy hands more worried about their own, then in those who they are supposed to serve.

After all this is said and done, America has a LOT of work ahead. I don’t know, mom, I think they are really and truly in trouble. I watch what unfolds, at the unbelievable crap that ‘leader’ spews, and those of his sycophants. So tired of watching his loyal GOP toadies pushing each other out of the way to be the centre of attention, say the thing that meets the approval of their dear leader, at their sick lies and corruption, and complete lack of competence, at the utter disinterest into the average lives of the people who are so drastically being effected by this.

Ignorant of mothers who are going without so their children can eat. People who live pay check to pay check, just got laid off, so many millions across the country… and the President of the United States today can’t even pretend to offer ONE word of comfort? Just ONE sentence?

Seriously. I am completely and absolutely so horrified at this man. Sick of the spew of bullshit and bully tactics, he is a vile and disgusting man-child.

Ok, well, thanks for listening mom. Given your dead, guess you have no choice, really. But thanks, it helps to rant and rave, better then obsessively scrolling through my newsfeeds, watching stupid shows I can’t concentrate on, go back to scrolling, turn it off, pace into the other room, pace back, sit down, cuddle Pika, scroll the newsfeeds again… and rage, rage, against the dying of everything I once knew to be true, and watch the evil dance, and sing and spew vileness and lies, and more people die… and they just don’t seem to care.

{sigh} Bye for now mom. Write again in a few days.

Love Paula

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