Blue Skies and A Pathway thru a meadow

And So We Go On A Weekly Wear Out The Pop-Goes-The-Weasel Walk To Euston

Unfollowing we will go, unfollowing we will go,
heigh ho, bye bye get lost,
Unfollowing we will go.

I know this stuff wasn’t around when you were alive… never-the-less… just imagine if could curate the news, get rid of the things you didn’t want to see, add things you do, simply and instantly. That is sort of, kind of social media in a nutshell. Basically, instant access, right there, all day every day, whatever you want to see, sometimes what you don’t, but all there to click on or ignore at your leisure.

Very addictive.

Unfollowing is the weeding out part, and you have no idea, like seriously no idea the immense pleasure, the profound sense of control over ones sanity that gives me in these chaotic times.

All of them I unfollowed I feel were worthy and respected, everyone of them… from mainstream media personalities to journalists from the Washington Post…. WaaHooooosh…. gonzo.

I scroll through, watching for anyone who doesn’t follow me, see if they’re Canadian, if so I keep them. Unfollowing famous people I don’t really care what they say people, political this, that and the other commentator people that now when I read their posts make my blood boil and my anxiety rise, this news person, that news person… another scroll through the names, unfollow, unfollow, unfollow.

It was necessary. Maintaining a certain level of calm, reason, even joy, contentment, hope, faith… all that. I don’t need to know everything. I don’t have to know it all, I don’t want to know it all.

I’ve done two other purges of twitter last couple weeks. Unfollowed, though not unfriended a couple people on Facebook I went to High School with I didn’t know were so gullible, but I was honestly afraid I’d go off half cocked and say what I really think… unfiltered… so best to be ignorant of their dumbfackry.

I want to know, but knowing just doesn’t have the same allure it did not so long ago. I want to know a little, but I need to reduce the knowing, to the level of the average Jo… maybe… possibly… I don’t know if I can go that far. The barrage of late has been a tad overwhelming… and at a certain point it felt like it could paralyze me, so I took action.

Another… coronavirus can kill you in this new and far scarier way then the last scarier way we reported on a couple of days ago… sleep tight.

So, with the health aspect a sometimes confusing and certainly worrying factor, AND post after post of all the crap oozing from the cesspits down yonder, corruption, greed, nastiness, division, anger, a lot of it all I think just manufactured chaos. And of course the fringe lunatics, you know, the what the living fack are those yahoos doing people protesting, it’s a lot to process.

Ugh. Lately noticed… well, realized that I was rarely leaving the house, short walks round the village, maybe, and we were due for our wear the puppy out walk… and so off to Euston we went.

She needed some good ol’leash training… bit of stimulation for her puppy brain development… a disciplined brisk walk in the sunshine… curb a little of that over-the-top enthusiasm for barking when I’m not throwing her friggen toy quick enough.

Cooped up together, I think we’re getting on each others nerves.

Do dogs have nerves? Anyways, that’s my running theory. She’s being an annoying little weirdo… em, well… now maybe I’m being an annoying weirdo too… there is that.

Anyways, a brisk walk down the sidewalks, crossing here to avoid them, there to avoid the family of 5 with the baby carriage… right, left… wait at the corner for them to cross… right left, down the streets I don’t normally go.

So its all new for Pika, and she’s good as gold… we make good time… not stopping every 4 seconds to sniff that blade of grass she missed like ol’Irish would.

Her wee little feet goin’ like 90, keeping up. I think she liked the pace I struck, the speed I walk is not for the strolling along gazing languidly at everything along the way and take your time sort… nope… I’m a get’r done fast walker with purpose on a mission sort of walker.

Which of course is right up the Chihuahua alley, as she and I make our way towards Euston.

Although, I will say that I had to remind myself to smile at people, as I avoided them with a like 8-foot arc, cause I’ll be honest, my first instinct was to actually growl. Pika loo-loo tried to chime in… tugged at the leash to heel… nope… wee weasel… nope… you’re in training lassie loo…no time for that.

This is important, cause I’m not having some out of control snarly little chocolate brown weasel on a leash.

She caught on, mostly kept a lid on it. Mostly… just one or two squeaky barks, looked at me, I looked at her, she stopped, we went on our way, she was superb. She is a smart little cookie. Stubborn, oh she is stubborn… but she’s also quite clever. Like, Ninja Houdini dog sort of clever.

I wish I could get it on video mom, but she has this adorable little kick she does with her back left foot… a little puppy dog skip-to-my-loo thingy… and then off she goes on her little bowlegs. God, she makes me laugh.

Oh, and she likes to dance. If I get just the right action happenin’ and I lean down into her, she boogies along on her hind legs, all on her own, just delighted with it all. She can stay up on those hindlegs longer and longer… pretty soon I may teach that dance you taught me… what was it… the Mashed Potato? Can’t recall the name. {kidding}…{well… maybe kidding}

Anywho, maybe little dance party to some Jackie Wilson is in order later? Eh? Wear the wee weasel out.

One little tip I learned recently, is that with puppies we should be crating them still atleast a couple hours a day… to help prevent separation anxiety once I do have to go out for hours on end, and she’s on her own.

Ya, don’t wanna be kicked out for her barking the whole time. God help me, can you imagine? High-pitched Chihuahua barking off and on for hours and hours? Yea… I’d be popular in the building.

Greenred Productions – Relaxing Music
Happiness Frequency: 💚 Serotonin, Dopamine, Endorphin Release Music, Binaural Beats Meditation Music

So that’s where she is right now, in her crate, while I write this letter. Got some binaural beats on, sipping my herbal tea {this time the Apple Cinnamon & Turmeric}… ooOOoohmmm.

So, guess I should release the hound now, it’s been a couple hours, get back outside and enjoy the rest of the afternoon.


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