A Light in the Dark

And After Dusk

Oh for the love of it, my rotten sister is not calling me back. Why is it when you are dying to talk about something, all of asudden everyone goes into hiding. I mean, come on, I’m an introvert and if I do have something to say why is it I find myself spittin’ into the wind?

Humpf. I can’t say if Valentines Day was ever a big deal for me. It always seemed rather commercial, and not my taste. I’d rather have romantic things throughout the year, not just on one day. I feel so scrooge-y even saying it. I am pure romantic in some ways. More R-omantic, though, as in the likes of Shelley, Wordsworth, Keats. Romance for me is about the gestures, not the flash.

SO yesterday, being what it was, and being alone here packing up my life, is not a great mix. That said, I was not alone yesterday. I was awoken in a rather lovely way, that delayed my usual open eyes, stumble to the bathroom routine. It was something I have not been especially that concerned with. It would seem as though someone had their own agenda.

And than it snowed all day. I mean all day. I am so sick of shoveling. More than that,  I am tired of no sunlight and watching snow flakes all day long. It was rather disheartening after such a lovely morning, and so I grabbed Irish and escaped for a walk in the fresh air. She had ants in her pants anyhow, and of course practically skipped down the driveway she was so happy I’d finally got my spirit back.

By evening I was rather ho-hum again though. Lonely. Sad. Completely avoided FB & WordPress yesterday; and most of today. Which is what of course prompted the Mysterious Margaret post. I have spent some quality time hunting the last couple days; genealogy is such a delightful distraction.

So when I finally emerged from my office hole yesterday evening and noticed the solar light on the porch glowing I was completely taken aback. How on earth could that possibly be glowing? That was my first thought. This is a SOLAR Light – we haven’t had enough of that big ball in the sky in almost 4, perhaps even 5 days. Now what do you make of that?

Well, that was my final little gift I believe. It shone for only an hour, from 6:15 till just about 7:10, and then it went dark. I even went outside to see if any other’s were glowing. Not a one. Not even the one’s by the pond that are in the open. Oh, and notice the top where the panels are located is covered in snow.

I stood in the darkened kitchen and couldn’t do anything else but cry. It was like a hug – it was beautiful. He knows me well.

It was like he was saying, let my love be instead a light in the darkness.

Or maybe just I LOVE YOU.


A Light in the Dark

7 thoughts on “And After Dusk

    1. With everything I’ve seen, I believe in miracles :) No disturbed ghosts wandering about…he is at peace. I don’t question these things anymore.


  1. I have a light box to help chase the winter blues away. I suppose that tiny light is just a tease. Glad you came out and hope the mood has lifted. If not, take Irish out for walk.


    1. Par for the course. I get down, but I don’t let it “get” to me. February sucks though…I’ve heard of those light boxes. I should also start remembering to take more D vitamin. Does seem to make a difference. Course, getting meself out the door on a walk will work today even better.


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