Over 10,000 Views

WOW !!! since October 26, 2012 … that is how many views The Temenos Journal has had since it’s birth. {I was going to put a little snapshot here, but quite frankly you can just as easily look yourself at the end of the right hand column ;-}

I wrote my first post on October 26, 8 days after he died. There are many reasons I created this blog. It was a week or more before Tim died, and I was thinking of what do I do after he’s gone? So I checked out my genealogy stuff to see if that would sustain me, nope. What then? I opened a Tumbler site, a Blogspot. Nope. Then I happened onto WordPress … ahhhh, now that’s more like it. I love WordPress for the same reason I love working on a Mac, it took away some of the annoying aspects of web design (like some of the complex coding…blah) and gave me a degree of freedom on the design…it created a challenge I had to work around. I could create my own template, I have the power (haha) but I find it boring. I just want to create, not muddle with the backend shite.

I wanted to write, display photos, but of course I’m OCD when it comes to design…so it had to look “just so”. Or it would bug me. This blog gave me an outlet to ply my god given trade. Whether I ever make money doing what I love to do, right now I’m not sure I have the energy for that. So having this medium gives me the freedom to “intern” my skills for a while … but I in the meantime will have to find some means of employment. Which is finally getting a wee bit of traction. Worked for one day at this place Monday, manning the phones and directing peoples calls…whilst the office staff were at a conference.

Read Farmers news all day; which btw was rather fascinating. Go figure. I also have a possible job interview with a place in London that designs software for auto dealerships. Given that I haven’t had even ONE interview, these two seemingly insignificant things are blawdy fantastic. I was beginning to wonder if I had some kind of Job Plague or some such.

So life is finally got a little “tickity boo” to it. And I have The Heritage Project stuff. Actually having something PUBLISHED in our local paper is so cool. The promotion is starting to gain some traction. Over the weekend I did up a banner design for them….that I am {if I do say so myself} rather proud of. I suggested that if we’re doing a stand-up vertical 6x2ft style banner, then why not do up bookmarks of the same design? The bookmarks will be a bit wider then a standard one, and I think that will make them stand out and look more substantial.

Alot has changed over the course of those 10,000 views. I’ve moved 3 hours away, back to my hometown. I’ve lost the life I had there, but gained a new one here. I left when I was 19 years old, for no other reason then curiosity. Today here I am and I’ve experienced alot, been on quite a few journeys these last 28 years. I can see a pattern in that back and forth rhythm of my life. Here and there, back and forth, death and life, meeting dreams and demons, I can’t say I regret one single moment.

At 19 I was going to be a famous photographer, maybe a writer. Maybe both. I didn’t know how, or when, or if, but I dreamed. Then life just went wWwaaaoOOOOshhh, and I was off.

So here I am, just over 10,000 views later on this path I began after Tim’s death. Thank you all for each and every view, good or bad thought of my work, every one of those views is valuable to me.

I’ve spent the last 4 years in the bush, and I guess I can see that it has re-arranged my priorities. I now have a clearer sense of what is important, what I can endure, what I sometimes have to do to get what I need – and that what I want is actually not that complex. Like walking through a meadow, then on through the grove and into the forest, my life is a migratory path hunting enlightenment, finding my soul. Capturing rainbows and moments, and sharing what I find. Finally.


  1. nivaladiva

    Congratulations!! That is an accomplishment and I’m proud of you. We started our blogs within a week of each other (more synchronicity) but I’m still at 7K views. Not complaining. We’re on our way! :)


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