This is Wyrd, or am I Weird?

In my last post I mentioned following my wyrd. I want to expand on that, as it’s a concept I’ve bounced around with often in the past. It’s a paraphrasing of a quote I ran into…years ago “follow your weird, ladies and gentlemen, forget trying to pass for normal“. Does anyone know what that’s from? I had a hard time finding really a good reference for the quote, and can’t for the life of me remember where I ran into it first.

Like all true-isms though, the good ones stick to your soul.

What does that mean really? I see it as saying…just be you. QUIT trying to pretend, quit re-defining yourself based on another’s ideal, and for gawd sakes, quit denying yourself. Follow the destiny of your soul, and you do that by letting go of your false pretenses, your pride, and learn how to fall down on your knees, in worship of the divine spark that exists inside us all.

I’ve always felt different. Always. Never quite fit in. Never really knew why, but things that I liked to do, other people found (find) boring. I mean, I like to listen to classic music, read long, complicated books, research ancient Peoples, LOVE archaeology, and often I like to hole up on my own and just chill, and just be…me. Sometimes I like to smoke alittle mary-jane and put on some funk, and dance around like I’m performing for some imaginary audience. Often though, I’m quiet, unless I have something to say. THAN…watch out. My Dad once told me I would have made a good evangelical preacher in the deep south, where he’s from. Said I could preach the gospel, and stir up the crowd just like they did…back when he was growing up amongst Southern Baptist, these travelling preachers were common across the south.

The research I’ve done on wyrd, basically says it’s about destiny, and paths you must follow. It’s a knowledge you have of yourself that re-defines all the answers to all the questions. Like when all the pieces in the puzzle begin to fit, and your like “aw, that’s how that goes“. It’s like the re-pointing of bricks and mortar, or the plastering of a crack that’s formed inside us. Once you’ve found it though, that wyrd you have inside, it can easily be lost again.

It’s that for once sensing the preciousness of that gift, I suppose, that finally defines how you are, how you respond to your wyrd. Where it takes you? Well, I guess I’ll find out.

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