On Creating a Garden

To establish a garden, one must sit with it, and quietly listen to what it wants to be. Over days, weeks, months ideally, it will open up to you. Through this quiet time spent in its presence, you will know what must be done. Through the fall, winter, spring, and on into summer, one may even gain a deeper understanding of it all, and perhaps learn how to listen to what the breeze has to say.

A garden in context to its surroundings, can at once melt into the scenery, as well as serve to enhance it. At times being a statement, and at others a soothing respite.


In the garden, once established, you may gain a new understanding. It instructs you, and quiets the real life bleating away outside its sacredness.

Life is savoured, while sitting within ones own garden. A balance between wild & tamed, darkness & light, dances summer sunshine down upon the concrete underneath my feet. My garden is both a mimic, and a muse.

As I’ve sat upon my stoop these last 8 months, I’ve come to hear the gentle whisper of this new little garden just outside my door. As I move the pieces around, adding this, taking away that, but mostly just sitting with it…and I’m gaining a clearer vision of what it CAN be.


  1. litadoolan

    Great logic and good strategy. This idea of sitting and waiting in the space I expect works well for lots of other projects (like spare rooms and making sculptures). Beautiful post.


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