Hey Mom… been one of those GD, f’en sort of weeks. Not bad in a I hate my life, hate my job, woe is me…sorta way, no.

Just one of those weeks where you wonder if your paying some bad karma off, or somethin’. Got the cold back AGAIN. So it was a sniffling, sneezing, coughing, sore throat, god, please, have mercy, or kill me now…sorta weeks.

Very annoying.

Other then that. Not very eventful.

OH, accept this…now this is news…Jian Ghomeshi from CBC radio has got his self in a whole LOT a trouble. Turns out he’s quite the jerk. Seems to not quite understand that women don’t like to be slapped, and pushed, and made to feel insignificant to your greatness.

Yeah. Turns out he’s a misogynistic, angry, narcissistic asshole. So, I suppose maybe that’s why I’ve never actually listened to his show. Always kinda found him to be a wee bit pompous for my taste, but, OH YEAH, he’s a big f’en jerk I guess in real life. Prof’s up at Western apparently were actually warning their journalism students from interning on the show. Even the staff of the show are now voicing how they felt like they were insignificant to his assholes greatness.

Yup. Kinda guy you’d like to stuff alive in a dark hole for a few years; maybe then he’d get over himself.

Makes me think though you know Mom how thankful I am to have the father that I have. Dad may have had his flaws, but he has never made either Lex or I feel it was some how our fault he wasn’t in a good mood, or, felt insignificant, or, got the brunt of his anger. He may not have been all that good at being the father figure sort, but he was damn straight good at being a good person.

It seems sometimes as if everyone concentrates on the wrong stuff. There are reams and reams of words out there on how bad this Jian is, but so rare is it to hear of the good ones. The media seems to be fixated on all this negative shite. I’d personally like to see Monsieur Jain rot in hell, but, that does not mean that I want to hear about him every day.

Rather then holding up for all to see the shitty little bastards, why don’t we see more of the holy crap, this guy is really special, HEY, this is one of the good ones?

He’s not famous, he ain’t rich, he’s not a pompous ass, he’s not misogynistic, he’s not angry, he’s not bitter, he’s not hurtful. He doesn’t want to rape you, or feel you up, or make you feel insignificant so he can feel like he’s a BIG MAN.

But, yeah, that’s boring. Can’t subject the masses to reams and reams on the good guys. Much more papers get sold I suppose when you cater to the bottom feeders.

So, em, what else is going on?

Your youngest granddaughter is quite the little goalie too apparently. Oh YEAH, won most valuable player THREE TIMES this year, so far. WOOT WOOT !!! How awesome is THAT? She speaks her mind, that one you know. Totally like Grandma I think.

She reminds me of how important it is to make sure our little girls know that not all men are bad. But that some are, and maybe try to show them how to avoid them. If at all possible. Identification of the good ones though I think is just as important. Reminds them that men are good. Men can be gentle, and kind. They can be quiet and sullen maybe. Sometimes not altogether always happy. Certainly not perfect. But, they can be good good people.

But also, she reminds me of how important it is too be good people. How important it is to care, and stand up for what you think, what you feel. That little girl, both them, would make you proud Mom. Your youngest daughter has done one hell of a job, as has Brad. You would be proud of them.

I think Dad has the makings of a fine grandfather. He can show them that men can be strong. And, they can be so passionate about stuff it actually scares them. Dad once told me that he sometimes can feel so unable to handle the passion inside him, that he has folded it up and put it away inside.

He can show them that men don’t need to be a part of a club that excludes one half of the human race. Men don’t need that sort of stuff. OH, they may want to be alone sometimes, as do we all. They may want to hang out with their friends, as do we all.

Gay or straight, rich or poor, thick or thin, maybe Mom it would be nice to hear more about the good ones. To show our girls, and boys, what those sorts look like. How to ID them, I guess.

So, might write again this weekend, or not. Raining today, but just sprinkly, so may still take the fluffy bastard for a klaw. Not been so good at walking her of late, but that needs to change. No excuses, accept I’m lazy…but you know ALL about that. :-)

Toutle loo, love you,


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