Above The Door

I’m sitting here staring at the screen, arms crossed, laying back on the green velvet Settee (where I like to write), wondering…”what on earth do I write about“? Than, just above my eyes I spy something flash across the transom…I know not what. A leaf perhaps? Fluttering in the light from the streetlights up the drive?

Who knows. But, it got me to writing, so god bless.

You would have liked the episode of Finding Your Roots I watched tonight – Season:2 Episode:8 – Sally Field, Sting, and Deepak Chopra. What a crew, the Mayflower, Ship builders and Indian Doctors…all on one show.

It was a quote from Chopra though that struck a cord that had me lost in thought,

In the midst of crisis, you keep your values

Sounded to me like something a Calvert would say, eh? Course, Grandma would have somehow also worked in something about gratitude, and clean underwear, no doubt.

I’m addicted to these dang shows you know. It’s either this or Who Do You Think You Are… I’ve watched all the Time Team I can find, each episode like 4 times or more sometimes. Rather done with that for a wee bit.

So, onward and upward, if I can’t manage to find the inspiration to hunt for my own ancestors, maybe atleast I could do some research for how to tell the stories I do have…em? I thought so, least it gives me carte blanche, and I do manage to burn through them sometimes. I mean, totally obsessed.

It keeps me busy, and as well serves as some fodder, since my back and forth to work, sleep, go to the pub, home, write, back and forth world is becoming rather dull. Walks in the sunshine aside, I find, as I suppose many do, the week drags on sometimes, like old skanky molasses.

Start the day off well enough, usually, but come mid-afternoon I’m somedays about ready to crawl through the phone and strangle a few patronizing, uncouth, f*in inbreed hiccups.

Aside from THOSE days, the rest of them are merely oh um. Neither especially good, nor bad. Those days drag and drag though, and I’ve learned to actually appreciate those days where I have to deal with ungracious nitwits, it helps me cope when I realize that it all teaches me something…like patience, and satisfaction when they calm the fuck down and thank me for helping them.

THOSE days are the best. I guess it suits me, for now, I think since it helps me get some of the oh so helpful Paula out of me, and gives me strength to be a bit more discerning in other areas of my life.

No more foundlings, no injured birds, no lost souls, nor psychosis ridden in any way shape or form, oh no. No more of those please.

And did I tell you about that gypsy woman Mom? I told lex. Well, last January this older woman calls in, with this thick eastern European accent of some fashion…Bulgaria? Hungry? Romania? I no not know, but somewhere like that. Anywho…she told me, after I had helped her, that I would meet this gentlemen in November…em.

Well, I’m waiting. Now she didn’t say which November, or anything more than I’d meet him, along with something like he would be a “nice man”, or something like that. I was so f’en grateful I forgot to memorize what she said.

But I digress…I’m like RIGHT ON…{in my head}. So I thanked her, what else do you say when some Gypsy woman reads your future for free? Thank you seemed to work.

Now…she said ONLY that I would meet him, nothing more. So who knows…maybe I have and I just don’t know it yet?…she said really nothing more. I did not ask for more.

So, that’s my life I suppose right now, old gypsy prophecy’s and sunny days off on the weekend, with interludes of crazy, and gracious helpings of dull and dreary. But I do have my PC 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Mint Thins…$3.99 box of happiness ;-)



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