With No particular Place to Go

Just now washing the dishes, cleaning up the last of the skanky ones, and she didn’t have to woof a word; the fastidious blond bombshell, laying beside her food bowls, and somehow I just knew. THEY were the skankiest. Yup… and after they were washed and dried I filled them up, and yes that Mom was indeedy what she wanted – CLEAN MY BOWLS BEATCH!!!

Doggy and MeShe’s happy now. Clean bowls, new biscuits and a nice long walk on a beautiful sunny day. Life is grand in doggy land.

This was a spectacular day too, considering its a Monday. See, Monday’s my day off, and so now I LOVE Monday.

As a Monday goes, and I’ve had my fair share, this Monday I believe goes down in the top FIVE of all time of Mondays. Perhaps even NUMERO UNO Monday.

Turner's DrugstoreSnow is piled high, creating this hollow way through the sidewalks. I wore these colourful short rubbers I found for $2 at a second-hand store up in Grey, and I do believe I’m going to wear them everyday this week. They are rather comfy, and give me this sense of invincibility, like magic booties. They have flowers on them too, and I like flowers on my feet. Its decided.

Todays long walk took this rather circuitous route round Old South, turning left, right, left, right, tracing some of my old hood, past that first apartment on Mckenzie Avenue from when I was just 19, to when I lived on Emery with Genevieve in 2000. Past Turners Drug Store and up and around, with no particular place to go.

It was the mildest its been in months and months, and you could feel spring bursting out. It was like a vibration, like a chorus of hope and delight was everywhere. Birds sang, everyone had gigantic smiles on their face, and the sort of greetings I got where… “have a happy, sunshiny day“. And so I did.

IMG_1078So I had to share these with you Mom, cause it was a glorious day, in every way.


2 thoughts on “With No particular Place to Go

  1. Hey I know that area! I have friends that live near there and occasionally I stay at the Idlewyld Inn when visiting them. The clue was Turners Drug Store…

    Oh the small world we occupy without realizing our proximity!


    • Well that’s cool 🙂 Yeah, Turners I think is the best… just spend 5 mins inside the place and you just know you’ve just gone back in time. If you’ll notice, theres a guy with a purple shirt and white pants outside the store? He was texting, as if using such technology inside the environs of that store would be a desecration. Idlewyld…emmmm… never been myself. Next time your in London, check out a place up by the University, Called the Guest House On The Mount. It was an old Nunnery…they even have a Grotto…made from rocks from Mary grotto’s from all over the world I guess. Its called a Boutique Hotel…and its somewhere between an Inn like Idlewyld, and a Backpackers Hostel. The grounds are absolutely stunning, and on the otherside of the bridge, going south on the same side as the Mount, there is another much larger park. Some of the trees in there are gigantic, and very very old. Sycamores, Oaks, Maples… and beautiful Cottonwoods. I took pictures, I’ll have to dig through my archives and see if I still have any from that time. Maybe I’ll write another post about it . Next time you’re in ol’London town, you’ll have to let me know and we can meet for a coffee here in the Village.


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