Did You Know We Were Simple?

Had to share, cause this little car is just so intuitive and yet so simple; and eco-friendly to boot. AND it is going to change the lives of so many people.

What I find breathtaking Mom, is the fact that the eco-friendly part is, actually, the core element that fueled its very existence. Electric cars allow for the removal of all the bits that in the past hampered a more functional design, making it beautiful in both its function AND form.

Now, I highly doubt I’d ever see Cousin C one day booting around her town in one of these Kenguru‘s, but still, its pretty neat. This sort of design can give so many wheelchair bound a freedom they could never have imagined for themselves. The woman whose concept this was can’t use this particular model herself, as she’s in a powerchair. Once they get their first model off the ground, I guess that will be their next challenge.

But humans can be such lemmings, and for so long it would seem as though the world (or atleast the western portion), has been lulled into this complex reliance on vanishing fuels and unnecessary accoutrements to living happy and fulfilling lives.

More and more chemicals bath our bodies, from our shampoo, down to our beaded body washes poisoning our waterways. Poisons litter our kingdom all the way up into the blood of Polar Bears in the high Arctic. With artificial foods packed with genetic modifications meant to enhance their attractiveness, but instead leading one sometimes to radiation and chemo treatments that scrapes away at cherished false outer beauty.

Nothing is ever sweet enough, it would seem. Now sugars are so prevalent in all we consume, in all its fructose form, feeding our dormant native cancerous cells, thus creating an environment for the very thing that will kill us.

The tide is turning now, and more and more you see the many turning their backs on the complexities of economy and greed, and fostering for themselves a cleaner, happier, and simpler way to be. Finding that they’d been duped into a slave agreement.

You know Mom, it was so much simpler when I was young. Although, I suppose both you AND Grandma have said that yourselves at some point. Grandma being born in 1907, was witness to such dramatic changes in everything from how they acquired light and water, to eventually even how they communicated with one another.

I certainly every once in a while see the odd person, shaking their head as if from a dream, wondering how the hell they acquired all this shit they don’t need, or want. And slowly they strip away all that is superfluous, and underneath all the glitz and hype, resting comfortably they find happiness.

Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Oh, but over in the spectators box sit all the big 1%er honchos, shaking their greedy heads, wondering how they’re going to lure the stray mark back to the feast.

sc00f6d32a02If you were to have told me 15 year ago that I had a more or less environmentally sound upbringing, I would have called you daft. Yet, today, the very habits of economy and waste not want not that we grew up on are being once again acknowledged.

Many in the past have thought that when someone said ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY LIFESTYLE, the idea was to live like our pioneer forefathers or some such, and who REALLY wants to do that? NO. It only makes sense to take away the things that are unnecessary. Truthfully, that changes community to community, person to person. Yet, once all the crud has been chipped off our lives, and once the other lemmings see the astounding freedom that follows, well, that’s when real change happens.

So, I guess looking at this with new eyes, I do see that Lex and I did grow up simple. With a Grandma who was more interested in her veggie patch than her flower garden, and more concerned about our souls than the fashionableness of her cloths, we were blessed.

And Mom, maybe those Granddaughters of yours will know not to create their own environmental sins, but instead maybe learn how to repair those of their forbearers in the process.


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