5 Ways To Chill Out, And Other Unsolicited Advice

I’m not political, least not like I was; pedalling opinions around freely, under the misconception that it mattered.

Now, I’m not saying my opinions don’t matter, or that I should always keep them to myself. Rather more that circumstances just warrant more sober thought, more listening, less expression of beliefs, ideologies, values, prejudice or what not.

Some times you just gotta chill out, and sniff the news only briefly, than move along, and…

go for a walk.

watch a documentary on something you know nothing about.

read a book.

write down 5 things you’re thankful for.

turn your face away from whatever device that connects you, find a window and stare out and say… thank you.

It’s not indifference, it’s not anything but a reality check. A breath of something different.

Than, if after all that, what you want to say needs to be said… then say it.

Only then would I say… you can not kill an ideology with a bullet. Like using herbicides to kill weeds – oh sure you kill them, until next year when you pay again, and again, and again, and soon who needs who? Who has the better deal?

Instead, don’t let it flower, don’t give it any reason to spread. Give it fertile ground, enrich your soil, and more good humus creates an environment unsatisfactory to many noxious weeds.

Same with humans. We are not that different. We are more the same, then not. However, it is those differences that gives humanity its strength.

However, do not mistake me for a pacifist, I am not; or especially any ist at all. My opinions are my own, and I’ve never particularly ever desired to associate myself with any particular group, or club, or even ideology.

I believe that all opinions, philosophies, and life experiences are valid, and worthy. Whatever response, prejudice, ideal or otherwise you may have. And going to war is necessary, and very human. And there is no right way.

As an amateur historian, I often find myself studying battles, as I am fascinated by all aspects that make us tick. Choices, ideologies, wars, famines, natural disasters, all change us. So when we can, we should learn how to more often take a long view. Stand back and stare up at the stars, and realize how insignificant you are, and how amazingly that connects you even MORE to everyone around you… now why is that?

I don’t know. But let’s maybe take the long view more often.

Love Paula

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